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By Dave Scherer on 2020-10-07 10:00:00

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Why am I supposed to care about Keith lLee when he either gets saved from losing by Orton getting attacked or a double count out 1 min match with Strowman. He’s just another nobody on the roster no wonder ratings are in toilet.

You can hope he goes back to NXT where he will be used properly?  He definitely hasn’t been booked great by WWE but at least he got some stuff in on Braun at the end.

Crews, Ricochet, & Mustafa; do I hear the old Job Squad music playing?

They definitely haven’t done them any favors but I don’t think it’s that bad yet.  It could get there, but not yet.  And Ali looks to be getting a push with Retribution.  Let's see how Ricochet and Crews react.

So once again WWE is holding a draft. I’m sure I’m not the first to ask this, but… Why? All it does is generally flip the bulk of one roster with the other, just like a year ago. Factor in all the provisions they make throughout the year to come up with ways for talent to cross over between brands anyway. Plus the occasional ‘trade’. They are never going to stick with a strict roster separation, so why not just do away with it all together, or at least not even bother holding a draft?

It’s one of the tropes that they do to “mix things up” and give WWE a “destination show” for a week.  I am with you, it really is just something they do at this point, kind of like Money In The Bank.

Everyone is all wrapped up in comparing TV numbers when it comes to AEW vs. WWE, but fail to compare the two brand's online presence, which WWE completely crushes AEW in on every possible platform. AEW's website is a waste of time. Why has Tony Khan not invested in the company's digital products? It's 2020 after all. 

AEW definitely needs to step that up, no doubt.  But to be fair, they are only a year into this thing.  I am thinking that they will get to it, but again, they are only a year in.

What’s your thoughts on AEW continuing to comment/reference WWE in both their programming and wrestler interviews? Admittedly, I don’t watch AEW; but watched about a half hour a couple of months back when FTR first came in. They had multiple references to Connecticut; WWE and “where we used to work”. I have read multiple interviews with former WWE wrestlers that came into AEW; and there is always some bad mouthing of WWE (Miro interviews being the latest). Warranted or not, it just seems unprofessional to me. I don’t recall WWE ever referencing the competition aside from the Billionaire Ted skits. To me, it just puts the WWE above this; and AEW seems petty and second tier – the easiest (and perhaps only) way for these “new” guys to get over is bad mouthing their previous employer.

To me, I think it’s unnecessary.  I get that those guys have a spleen to vent and all, but to me, I don’t need the blatant shots on TV from either side.  Pretty much everyone watching AEW knows what those guys have gone through and I am sure some of their fans pop when they take a shot at WWE.  Would I do it?  No, but I am not them and it’s not my company.  

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