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By Mike Johnson on 2020-10-08 10:00:00

With his recent passing, and given all he did with/for them over the years, I was fairly of surprised to realize that Regis Philbin wasn't already in the WWE Hall of Fame.  I'm just wondering, is there any particular reason they never inducted him, or was it simply they never thought of it, for some reason?

I don't believe it was purposely done as a slight to Regis.  I think it was just a case where they never got around to doing it for whatever reason and unfortunately, Regis passed.

With the canned crowd noise the WWE is using for the Thunderdome, are they pumping any of that into the arena itself, so the performers have a sense of normalcy, or are they back to performing in relative silence, like they were at the beginning of the pandemic?

I actually asked WWE Champion Drew McIntyre about this subject when I interviewed him on 9/22 and he commented, "When I first came out, on the first Raw in the ThunderDome and I raised the Title and freaking fire started going off around me and pyro going off around me, you know I'm still a wrestling fan at heart, I'm just standing there trying to keep a straight face, but in my head I am marking the hell out, man this is really freaking cool. And then when it comes to the matches themselves and the atmosphere, I've been able to see faces react but also hearing and feeling them in the arena. When Randy and I were in that match it was such a difference maker for the emotion and that's kind of what Randy and I are about, is telling the story, and you really need that feedback from the crowd to kinda dictate where you're going and feel that emotion. It made such a difference during that match, again we're feeling things out as we go, maybe my initial promo I realized that the reactions weren't quite going to be from a live crowd, we have a slight delay, it kinda threw me off but we tweaked it a bit, we figured it out. I did a promo last week and OK, we'll figure that issue out and it's a figuring out process every step we go, you know we progress and our team are so unbelievable and they're making us look like stars, it feels closer to what you would expect with WWE with the pyro and the lights and those drones flying overhead, so we feel good."

Do you think that it is entirely possible that we may not be getting Sasha Banks vs. Bayley at Hell in a Cell as it is expected that the two HIAC matches are expected to be Roman Reigns vs. Jey Uso and Randy Orton vs. Drew McIntyre?

Why couldn't there be three Cell matches?

How would you feel about AEW announcing the week before the anniversary show that TNT is giving them an extra half hour for that big event?  I say a week before so WWE doesnt have as much time to "randomly" add 30 minutes to NXT on the same night.  For that matter, do you see TNT ever giving AEW an overrun in the future?

I have no problem with it, but understand this, the second AEW started adding extra time, unless it was a surprise right there in the moment, WWE will attempt to do the same.

Why do you think that WWE began using the independent wrestling footage before something like HWA or Puerto Rico that they've owned longer.

The independent footage was probably already in HD and digitized.  The other material needs to be cleaned up, imported to digital, cleared by legal, closed captioned, edited, etc.

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