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By Dave Scherer on 2020-10-05 10:00:00

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When writing the this day in history column where did you get your information on house shows from the early days?

Mike has been collating the column for a long, long time.  What you read today started being put together in the 90s.  So basically, over the years we have just kept adding to it.

I know It's always a Vince McMahon final call but is there someone in his ear regarding the whole taking over wrestlers Twitch accounts?

From what I have heard it’s all Vince’s call.  He somehow took notice of what was going on and made it an issue.  I think the company really should rethink what they are doing, for a few reasons.  For one thing, the talent isn’t making the extra money that they made when they tour, sell video games, etc, so to take away their extra money they are making now just seems wrong to me.  But more than that, WWE is already in the crosshairs of former Presidential candidate Andrew Yang concerning their independent contractor designations of talents.  One way that they could say, “See, we let them make money outside of WWE” is to, well, let them make money outside of WWE.  Taking control of that sure makes them look even more like employees.  If Joe Biden wins and Yang becomes the Labor Secretary, he has already said that WWE is in his crosshairs.  This move just seems wrong on a lot of fronts to me.

Also, is it a double standard that Bruce Prichard has his own podcast and generating income while working for WWE?

Technically, no since Prichard is an actual employee but following up on what I said above, if Yang pursues this WWE is making it even harder on themselves.  “So you let employees do outside projects but not independent contractors?  Please explain that Mr. McMahon!”  Good luck Vince.

I thought Ricochet was going to be a babyface of the Rey Mysterio ilk – but even bigger. Immediately, Ricochet was featured in multiple WWE Network documentaries; fans were super hot for him; he’s has a good look; and sick moves. I even saw him expanding the fan base among women, kids, and people of color at one point. Boy, was I wrong! Did he urinate in Vince’s Wheaties before Raw one day? He is easily the biggest waste of talent on the roster – and competition for that category is fierce. What happened to Ricochet? Can Ricochet be re-booted as credible again? Will a heel turn even help? Or, is he sadly destined for irrelevancy? WTF?

As usual, it’s Vince McMahon losing faith and killing the push.  Could he be rebooted?  Sure.  Will he be?  I can’t say.

What are your thoughts on NXT UK?

I really enjoy the show and am glad it’s back.  Kay Lee Ray is one of my favorite wrestlers, period.  She is an amazing heel.   I really enjoyed her match with Piper Niven.  Pete Dunne and WALTER are favorites of mine as well.  I think the Heritage Cup is really cool as well.

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