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By Mike Johnson on 2020-10-03 15:51:00

Jesse Godderz won the first-ever Ohio Valley Wrestling National Championship on last night's episode of OVW TV, which aired nationally on YouToo America.  Goddzerz won a Rumble to win the title.

In speaking with this afternoon, the former Big Brother reality star commented:

 "It's a tremendous privilege and incredible honor to represent the Best and fastest growing television promotion in the world today.  Honestly, I feel on top of the world. It's my ninth championship Title in Wrestling and my biggest singles title to date.   Al Snow and his business partner Chad Miller, who own OVW, are beyond amazing. They have accomplished the impossible. They have grown their OVW Television Show at such speed it's mind-blowing. Our weekly television show now reaches over a hundred million TV homes in the United States across on six different major cable TV networks and we're also on in another 500-plus million TV homes worldwide on dozens of platforms. In fact, we're second only to WWE in reach and we're just getting started. Al, Chad and OVW are truly revolutionizing the wrestling industry and I couldn't be more proud to represent OVW as we continue to reach greater and greater heights faster than anyone could have ever imagined. OVW is truly the biggest wrestling success story of 2020."

Godderz, 34, had a long run with Impact Wrestling and still appears on CBS' Big Brother series from time to tome as a member of the reality series' alumni.  His crossover status led to some unqiue social media buzz for the title win:

The OVW TV episode will debut online tomorrow.

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