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By Mike Johnson on 2020-10-03 10:00:00

OK, so you guys talked about the idea of Wrestlemania moving to Tampa on Wednesday and Thursday as speculation and now it's being thrown out there that is actually the case.  Is it?

I heard those stories making the rounds after we discussed the idea on our audio shows - and made sure we noted we were just speculating on what could happen if things don't open up in California, which has retained a pretty solid shut-down on public gatherings in the COVID-19 era -  and I suggested Tampa could be the best destination since Florida obviously is opening up and WWE already has a blueprint and likely even staging and production items that are sitting in a warehouse somewhere that were never used for Tampa.  Once the stories started making the rounds, we did reach out to a WWE source who stated nothing is outside the realm of possibility but cautioned that with the way the world is right now, it's impossible to have anything truly long-term locked in.  So, wait and see.

For some time after WWF bought WCW, Shane McMahon was saying he was trying to find someone to continue airing WCW but his father was running interference. Was that a total and complete storyline or was there any chance WWE was ever going to try to continue WCW (whether it was renamed,repackaged or whatever) and try to make it a profitable show for them? I know WCW is dead and gone and frankly with how bad the show was towards the end I accepted it years ago but was just wondering. Thanks.

WWE did intend to relaunch WCW and at one point, had advertising done for a taping billed as "Shane McMahon's WCW" in Trenton, NJ. WWE was unable to find a TV home for the series due to their TV partner at the time, Viacom not allowing them to broadcast a WWE-owned series outside the Viacom world. But, the original plan was indeed to promote WCW as a separate property.  It just never worked out that way.

Why haven't we seen the return of the Demon in NXT?

Finn Balor has made it clear he felt it was being used to often.  I would agree.  I think he should save it as a once a year attraction.

What's the most underrated WWE book?

Easily William Regal's "Walking the Golden Mile."

Do you ever see Cody doing Stardust in AEW?


There was a big dude who was a wrestler on Big Brother a few years back.  Did he ever make it?

He did.  You are thinking of Austin Matelson, who is best known as Luchasaurus in AEW.

Where was Raw Underground this week?


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