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By Dave Scherer on 2020-10-04 10:00:00

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One year in, what grade would you give Tony Khan for how he has run AEW?

I could go in a few directions but I would have to go A-.  While the product isn’t perfect (what product is?) I look at the fact that he came from a wealthy family and could have bled a lot of money on the project, trying to make it a success down the road.  Instead, he managed to get a great TV deal very early on and has made the company profitable.  He hasn’t bled money, he started a business and made it successful right away.  To me, that is the most important thing so I will give him an A-.  I have to leave some room for improvement.

Just been done watching Clash Of Champions, and the main event. Wow. I have not seen that level of storytelling in a match for a long time. What were your thoughts? I think this is setting Roman up nicely.

I actually liked the storytelling in the Ladder Match much better.  I am not a big fan of Roman being the High Chief.  I also don't get why they turned him heel either.  The company needs babyfaces and he was their best one.

Am I crazy or did Orton's foot go nowhere even near McIntyre's head when he went to punt him? And they kept replaying that?

You are not crazy, they are.  They should have never replayed that once, let alone all of the times that they actually did it.  It was embarrassing how badly that kick missed.

Do you think that VKM will ever see the error in his ways? If he got dementia, would anyone notice?

Yes, they would notice if he got dementia because he is the same as he has been for decades.  He is who he is, and part of that seems to be never admitting he was wrong.

In a recent Q & A, an emailer referred to AEW as being "progressive" which I find laughable.  Similar to Dave, I'm not in their demographic but this harkens back to how they claimed they were going to revolutionize wrestling.  Let's be honest, the only way to do that is to make it a competitive sport.  The bravado has always bothered me because they are not reinventing the wheel.   I attempt to watch it, but it doesn't move me.  Some of their schtick is on par, or worse, than WWE.  I think bringing a limited number of fans in during a pandemic is irresponsible.  MLB won't do it, but AEW will.  Other than being an alternative, what makes AEW "progressive" in your view? Professional wrestling is professional wrestling.

Blood.  Barbed wire.  Dog Collars.  They aren't progressive in my opinion, they are more old school.  I don't know what attracts the younger demo either since I am out of it but my hunch is that the main draw of AEW is that it's not WWE.  I think it definitely appears to people who don't want to support Vince McMahon.

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