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By Mike Johnson on 2020-10-02 10:00:00

We are 48 hours away from Takeover and no announcements of changes for the show.  Is it safe to say all of the COVID reporting was overblown?

Overblown?  Are you kidding?  There were how many talents pulled from the Clash of Champions and Raw?  The WWE PC had training halted and the extras around ringside disappeared from NXT TV, right?  Where was Raw Underground this past Monday?  How about Retribution?  Shall I go on?  We are not 14 days past the last NXT TV taping and in fact Takeover itself won't be 14 days from that taping, so there is a chance all the way to the day of the show that talents could be pulled because a positive COVID-19 test, a contract tracing connecting them to an infected person or even a late arriving COVID test result.    Overblown is the last thing you should be calling the reporting.

Is Aliyah Mysterio signed to WWE?

I don't see WWE having a regular, weekly performer who is not signed, so my guess is she's at least locked in for a year with the company.

Do you think HHH was teasing the return of Halloween Havoc earlier this week?

I'd love to see that concept revived, so I hope so, but I don't know so.

You reported Penta trademarking his name.  If a luchador is hiding their identity with their mask and losing it and having their name revealed is such a massive horror to lucha talents, wouldn't trademarking your ring name under your real name defeat the purpose of the importance of the mask?

Possibly.  I don't know for sure, but I do know after reading this, I may be trapped in a relentless space-time loop.

Why is the NWA taking feedback from fans about coming back?  Either do it or don't!

I don't understand what's so bad about getting feedback from your audience as to what they might want and how comfortable they would be with the NWA returning.  Given that the promotion was thrown radically off course from their original plans this year, I don't think taking a slow approach with measured information helping them decide how to take their first steps in the middle of the vortex everyone is trapped in with the COVID-19 pandemic should be seen as a bad idea.


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