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By Dave Scherer on 2020-09-29 10:00:00

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Lana has been put through a table twice now since Miro debuted on AEW. Coincidence?

Only Vinnie Mac knows for sure.  It sure does seem curious though, like RETRIBUTION!  Sorry, I couldn't resist. If it is done to punish her for her husband being released and then signing with AEW, it’s totally lame.

Lately we have seen more heel vs. heel matches, for example Hurt Business vs Retribution, or Braun vs Dabba, to name a few from this week.  We've seen it in AEW too with the interactions between Archer vs Taz's stable.  Have you noticed this recent heel vs heel trend, and why would you book matches or angles where the audience has been conditioned to not want to cheer for anyone involved?

I have indeed noticed it and I am with you, if there is no rooting interest than there had better be a big issue for fans to invest in when you do the match.  NXT had four heels in the Four Way for the NXT Title, but it was for the Title so there was interest.  When there is no story to back it up, they are getting away from one of the original tenets of the business, for sure.

Is it just me, or is The Retribution gimmick already suffering from WWE logic issues?  If the members are gonna be all these NXT performers their beef with WWE doesn't make a whole lot of sense and completely ignores their NXT runs.

It’s not just you.  I ranted about the same thing for the last week.

Why do the likes of Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Asuka, Seth Rollins Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt never compete on WWE Main Event?

They are upper level talents so they are used on the shows that WWE gets paid the big money for.

I saw your Q and A about the Yenta guy.  One last question, they said on Jim Cornette's show that the guy has tweeted over 200,000 times.  Is that true?

I can’t tell since he blocked me (who knows why) but it does show he has tweeted over 205,000 times.  Twitter started on March 21, 2006.  That is 14 and a half years ago.  That would be about 5,300 days.  That would mean he has tweeted over 38 times a day, if he started doing it on Day 1 of Twitter. I don’t know anyone that has enough to say to tweet that much.  It sounds a bit excessive to me. In fact, it sounds obsessive.

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