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By Mike Johnson on 2020-09-24 10:00:00

I have fallen in love with Cobra Kai.  Do you ever think we could see a show like that about a pro wrestler?

A show from the perspective of the heel showing that he's really the babyface?  Why not, it could be fun.

Do you think the David Arquette film is a work?

The new documentary?  Certainly there were worked aspects in terms of the storyline with Ken Anderson, but the training and the work he put into performing?  That wasn't a work.

Will we ever see Beyond the Mat or Wrestling With Shadows on the WWE Network? They played a big part in the documentary and it would be popular for sure in regards to viewing.

It's possible but I don't see it as likely; WWE has so many hours of material that they own, they don't need to go out and license from third parties to fill their programming needs yet. Plus, they haven't begun to utilize their own WWE Studios films yet since those films have their own existing distribution deals, so it doesn't make sense to spend money on other studios' material when they aren't using their own yet.

I've been watching a lot of Battle Royals lately and was wondering what kind of planning goes into them. I realize the end result/winner is predetermined as would most eliminations and some spots but I was curious as to whether wrestlers are given any free reign to improvise when there are so many bodies in the ring and so much going on. Naturally there aren't many high risk maneuvers and instead there will be no shortage of clutching/grabbing and elimination attempts. When watching on TV the cameras will try to put the focus on the matchups they want you to see but at live events where you can really pick and choose what to watch, it''s interesting to see what develops and whether a punch thrown here or a double team there is scripted or just guys keeping busy before they are to be eliminated. I assume there is a lot of talking on the fly and veterans working with the greener guys to make things flow. Your thoughts?

Usually with a battle royal, the talents have bullet points of moments or spots the company wants in the match and the rest of it is just improvised. In a bout like The Royal Rumble, there is a lot more booking involved. Obviously with TV, they are going to have stricter time cues and guidelines than they would on a house show.

For the most part, WWE does a great job with their documentaries, but doesn't it detract from them a bit to have talents providing historical perspective on things that happened when they were in the crib???

I think it depends on the person. If someone studies the business and loves it, why shouldn't they discuss something they are passionate about. No one was alive when say George Washington was fighting in the Revolutionary War but that doesn't mean he won't be studied as a General and discussed in documentaries on that era. The only time I think a subject detracts from a documentary is when they are forced in

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