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By Dave Scherer on 2020-09-23 10:00:00

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Listening to a couple of podcasts from Jericho and Austin with Vince Russo. Boy does he say bro a lot. Does everyone find that annoying or just me? Why does he say it so much?

It’s definitely a crutch he leans on (a lot) when talking.  It’s the verbal equivalent to “swerve” when he was a booker.  I absolutely find it annoying.  It’s bad enough you have to here his LONG GUYLAND over the top accent, but the many “bros” just make it worse.  The guy is almost 60 years old.  It’s time to stop saying bro, bro.  As for why he says it so much, beats me.  I have no desire to enter the mind of Vince Russo.

Proper question. If you had to pick your Mount Rushmore of wrestling who would it be?

Today at this point in time?  Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Steve Austin and The Rock.  I really need more than four spots but I have to pick the guys I think are most important to the business.

Of all the tag lines WWE has been using in recent months, Raw being "in your face" has got to be the worst, by far.  If Vince McMahon wants to use cheesy tag lines to try to hook the audience, fine by me, but how does having Michael Cole repeatedly utter a phrase from the early 90's catch the attention of today's audience?  What's next, "cowabunga," "eat my shorts," or "boomshakalaka?"

Eat my shorts would be awesome.   If Vince McMahon wants Michael Cole to say something repeatedly, Cole will do his job and say it.  It’s Vince’s world and he controls it.

What is with WWE's weird obsession with sub-titles for the PPVs? Clash of Champions: Gold Rush? What's next - Hell In A Cell: It's A Big Cage?

It’s all just how WWE likes to market. WWE likes subtitles to make the event feel more special, and

Do you think WWE and AEW will follow what the NFL is doing in terms of fans? By having around 17k people in arenas with safety protocols? Social distancing, masks, etc.  Especially for big events like Mania and Royal Rumble.

The one thing people forget when asking this question is the fact that the NFL is doing it because football needs to be played in a football stadium.  So they make the best of it since they have to use the big building (plus they have a huge TV rights deal).  WWE doesn’t have to do that.  They have a good deal at the Amway Center and there are no costs in moving things from town to town.  They are better off financially staying with ThunderDome in Orlando until people can attend shows again, whenever that is.  The same holds true for AEW.  It’s smarter financially to run in Jacksonville.

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