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By Dave Scherer on 2020-09-21 10:00:00

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Do you see Jey Uso moving up as a singles star he has charisma that really shows, this program with Roman makes me think it has the potential to raise him up as a singles performer. Even when Jimmy comes back I can see Jey being elevated outside of tag action.  What do you think? 

So far, so good for Jey.  I don’t think he has to be stuck as a tag guy.  He is really good on his own.  I hope his singles push continues.

Who in your opinion basically killed the model-type Diva era?

Wow, is this the thousandth time you asked this?  For the thousandth time, I think HHH and Stephanie McMahon led the movement to treat women as the equal of the men in WWE.

In the matter of a couple weeks, AEW has allowed Thunder Rosa and the NWA title to feel more valuable and important than their own women's title. I understand they're trying to work with another promotion's top talent but they're downgrading their own talent/title at the same time, no?

Considering that Hikaru Shida is the AEW champion and she beat Rosa at All Out, I have a hard time thinking that the NWA Title is more valuable.  I just think they are pushing Rosa and trying to get her over.

Do you think WWE are scheduling Takeovers away from November so that NXT can have a bigger presence at Survivor Series?

I have had the same thought and am hoping that is the case.  If NXT is supposed to be a major brand, they should have a presence on the major shows.

If WWE brings Hulk Hogan into the Thunderdome to cut a promo, will Hogan get it confused and say he’s in the Silverdome again?

We can only hope!  But since it’s near where he lives, he will have a much better chance of knowing what State he is in.

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