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By Mike Johnson on 2020-09-19 10:00:00

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I saw Melina denied her WWE return.  What are your thoughts?

My thoughts are a big part of the Edge 24 dealt with his decision to deny our report he was returning because we were right he was returning, when he was returning and even when he was in Pittsburgh to be cleared to return.  My thoughts are John Morrison went on Twitter and denied his return when we reported he signed to return.  We reported she came to terms to return and could be returning within the week to WWE programming.  Those are my thoughts.  

What are the rarest WWE and WCW DVDs?

WCW never had any DVDs, period.  The WWE releases that come to mind are The Raw Homecoming, which was only available via Wal-Mart with purchase of a Wrestlemania DVD and a rare FYE version of a Trish Stratus DVD that was only released with a small print run.  I don't know whether they are still as valuable these days given the content is available on the WWE Network for the most part.

If you could see WWE do one style of match at Wrestlemania, what would it be?

This would never, ever happen but I'd love to see an old school Wargames with the roof on the cage.

Whatever happened with Jeff Hardy's legal case?

He is slated to be in court on 9/28, but given the way COVID has pushed so many hearings back, it's entirely possible that doesn't happen as scheduled.

Why did WWE release the AOP?

We haven't heard a definitive reason as to their release as of this writing.

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