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By Dave Scherer on 2020-09-20 10:00:00

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I like NXT better than AEW, but AEW always wins in the ratings.  Why?

They have more people watching!  Seriously, I think there are a number of reasons.  One, they appeal to a younger audience than NXT does, and that audience is fiercely loyal.  I think they also appeal to anti-WWE fans, people that won’t support anything with Vince McMahon’s name attached to it.  There also could be the factor that they can watch the show on the WWE Network without commercials, but I don’t think that is a huge factor.

Why won’t WWE move NXT to another night so it can grab a bigger audience?  They did very well on Tuesdays.

Yes they did and I think if they moved to Tuesday, both shows would rise in viewership and it would be better for all involved.  But, that would take USA giving WWE the financial considerations that would make it worth their while.  Right now what they get paid isn’t significant so the value, in my opinion, is to keep as many eyes off of AEW as possible.  I would love to see USA step up and give them the money that the show deserves, and have it move to Tuesday.  AEW is locked into Wednesday due to the NBA deals so it’s up to USA to make the move.

Do you like having AEW and NXT compete on Wednesday nights?

Honestly?  No, I don’t.  I was never a big fan of Raw vs. Nitro either.  It was draining back then to watch five hours of wrestling as soon as possible and it’s the same now for me.  I like to watch a show and enjoy it, then think about it a little bit.  Now?  I usually watch all of one and at least an hour of the other on Wednesday nights, then finish the next morning.  I would prefer they had their own nights.  I also think it would be better for the business as a whole. 

I watched the ROH reboot and like the idea of doing the PURE Tournament.  What do you think?

I liked the first week for sure.  The work was good and given what the Title is all about, it works really well in an empty arena.  It’s all about being a great wrestler, and nothing else.  It plays out very well in the venue.  I am glad they are back.

What is your favorite wrestling show right now?

It’s NXT.  Up until about two months ago, it was AEW but now it’s NXT.  I fully admit that I am not the target demo for AEW so they are not marketing their product to me.  But ROH and NXT UK returned this week and I enjoyed both of those shows too.  I am also looking forward to MLW’s return.  And Impact has been very good lately as well.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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