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By Mike Johnson on 2020-09-17 16:14:00

Daniel Rose, the attorney for WWE Smackdown star Matt Riddle announced today that Riddle has filed a civil lawsuit against independent wrestler Samantha "Candy Cartwright" Tavel. has not yet been able to acquire the lawsuit.

As previously reported, Tavel alleges that in May 2018 when both were working for EVOLVE, Riddle allegedly attempted to force her to sleep with him, leading to her performing oral sex instead out of fear after he allegedly grabbed her by the throat.  She alleges this took place in a van with several others sleeping in the van at the time.

In July, Riddle publicly responded to the charges with the following video on Twitter:

In court documents for the now-dropped restraining order (also filed in July), Riddle stated he was in a relationship with Tavel outside of his marriage and that after he broke it off, Tavel has since targeted and harrased him.  He also alleged she timed her accusations for the date of his "WWE" debut (on Smackdown) and alleged that Tavel was removed from a WWE taping at Full Sail University.  Tavel denied the removal in the court documents, stating that she was not at the venue on the night in question.

Tavel continued to post proof of her relationship with Riddle on her social media since her initial allegation.  

Rose's statement today reads:

"On July 13, 2020, our client Matthew Riddle only sought a cyberstalking injunction against Samantha Tavel. The Court set it for hearing as they found probable cause for the matter to be heard. It was represented to our client and our firm that Ms. Tavel had moved on with her life and our client would no longer need to continue with the cyberstalking injunction. Our client then dismissed the cyberstalking injunction (without prejudice) which left all of his legal remedies open and allowed for closure.  Today, our client has elected to file a civil suit against Ms Tavel for her continued false and defamatory statements that our client sexually assaulted her. No further statements will be made on social media at this time.”

Obviously, this situation is far from resolved.


If you or someone you know needs assistance, the National Sexual Assault Hotline is 800-656-4673

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