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By Cory Strode on 2020-09-16 22:00:00

Light the fuse, it's Wednesday night, it's Daily's Place in Jacksonville Florida.  We've got Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, and Excalibur in the booth and it's time to start Dynamite!

Are they in the booth?  No, it's just a table.  Why do we say they are in the booth?  I still want to know why it's an IRISH whip and a GERMAN suplex, so I doubt I will ever get answers.

Already in the ring are Jurassic Express, who will be facing FTR in a non-title match to earn a title shot, but as we start, the Young Bucks come to the ring in street clothes and without music. They superkick the referee and then leave the ring.  Other referees come out to check on him and they go back.  The spirit of Wally Karbo says there will be fines and suspensions.  As they walk out, they throw money at Tony Kahn, saying that they should take care of the fine.  

They pass by FTR, and they exchange limited words as the Bucks leave and FTR goes to the ring.

FTR vs Jurassic Express

The match starts with Jungle Boy (JB) and Dax locking up. Dax is able to take control with an arm bar, he tags in Cash, who wrenches the arm and tags in Dax, who keeps up the pressure until JB escapes and is able to take Dax down for a two count. JB is able to leap onto the ropes and hit a complex arm drag off the ropes, He hits Dax with a drop kick, Cash comes in to take a drop kick, Dax gets taken down for a two count, and JB is able to tag in Luchasaurus.  Quick, clean series of moves there.

Dax stalls before tagging is Cash.  Dax runs in and knocks JB off the apron and Cash uses the distraction to hit Luchasaurus from behind.  Dax gets in a shot of Luchasaurus as well before returning to his corner, and Cash works over Luchasaurus. Dax is tagged in and they attempt a double team, but Luchasaurus is able to clothesline the both.  Cash rolls out of the ring and Dax climbs to the top for a cross body, but is caught by Luchasaurus for a two count.

Luchasaurus tosses Dax to his corner and JB tags in.  JB hits a flipping senton off the back of Luchasaurus and covers for a two count.  Dax whips JB to his corner and hits JB with a back elbow. Cash is tagged in and they attempt to do a double back drop on JB, but he flips over them, and is able to take them both out of the  ring with a double Hurricanrana. Cash slides in and JB is getting ready to leap onto them, and runs the ropes, catching JB mid-leap and slams him for a two count.

Cash works over JB's back and then puts him in the cow and arrow stretch. Dax tags in. kicks JB, gives him a snap suplex, and stomps on him.  As JB is struggling to get away, grabs and covers him for a two count. Dax picks up JB, goes to his corner to tag in Cash, and drops JB on Cash's knee.  Cash locks on an abdominal stretch in his corner.  JB fights to his feet, gives Cash an arm drag but Cash is able to push JB into their corner.  Dax is tagged in and then use a double team maneuver to slam JB and cover JB for a two count.

Dax takes JB down with chops, and Cash is tagged in and puts JB against the ropes.  Cash tries to leap onto him and JB moves, causing Cash to land hard on the ropes and the mat.  JB is able to get up, Dax cuts him off, but JB takes him down with a clothesline.  Both lay on the mat, struggling to get up.  Dax is up first, tags in Cash, but JB is able to get to his corner bringing in Luchasaurus.

Luchasaurus takes out FTR with a series of power moves, tossing Cash into Dax and ends the sequence with a chokeslam and a standing moonsault.  He covers Cash for the two count only. Luchasaurus leaps onto Cash, but Dax pulls him out of the way.  Cash gets to his corner to tag in Dax, but Luchasaurus is able to tag in JB.  He takes out FTR with hook kicks before JB gets in the ring. Luchasaurus hits a spinning kick to Dax's back and JB follows with a leap and a two count only. Dax tries a back suplex on JB, but JB twists in the move coming down on Dax for the two count.  Dax hits the back suplex again, and this time JB takes the brunt of it. 

Cash tags in Dax, and JB reverses a slam for another two count.  Dax is hit by a jumping knee strike to his corner for a tag to Cash.  JB takes Cash down with a crucifix for a two count.  Dax tries to lift JB , but instead gets rolled up for another two count. JB is tossed to the corner, where he climbs to the top for a cross body. Dax tolls through for a two, JB reverses it for a two and Cash leaps in to break it up.

Luchasaurus comes in the ring and all four men are fighting in the ring.  It ends with Dax knocking Luchasaurus out of the ring after Luchasaurus takes out Cash.  JB sneaks in behind and rolls up Dax for a two count. They are up and trade uppercuts.  The battle to the ropes, and JB is able to flip over Dax and roll him up for a two count.  Luchasaurus is tossed over the barricade into the crowd outside the ring, JB answers that with a tope onto Cash.  He flips into the ring and rolls up Dax, Cash grabs Dax's leg on the two, reverses it and Dax is able to hold on for the three count.

Your winners:  FTR

The announcers go down the card.  We have to go backstage where Matt Hardy has been taken out by someone. Private Party is by his side.  Jericho with his bat, and Hager show up to say that it's a darn shame that Matt has been injured.

Commercial time!

We are back and Kenny Omega is at the announcers table to call the match with the others.

Coming to the ring at this time is Frankie Kazarian.  He is followed by Hangmen Adam Page.  Yes, I know it's Hangman, but JR always pronounces it Hangmen, and I like it.  Excalibur said it was offered to him and Page as a tag team match, and Omega said he has left that behind.

Kazarian vs Adam Page

They lock up and go into the ropes for a break.  They lock up again and Kaz drops Page with a waist-lock.  Kaz gets a two count,.m a d they get up, Kaz drops him with a drop toe hold.  They struggle to their feet and as Page tries to punch his way up, Kaz hits a twisting neck breaker.  They then run the ropes and Page ends the sequence with a body slam on Kaz.

They get up and fight with chops in the corner. They separate, and Page hits a snap suplex on Kaz.  Page tries to do a lifting back drop on Kaz from the corner, but Kaz lands on his feet and starts chopping away at Page. Kaz whips Page into the corner, but Page is able to leap over, run the rope and then clothesline Kaz out of the ring.  He follows with a piscata on to Kaz. 

They battle outside the ring during the picture in picture during the commercials.  Kaz was able to drop Page with leg drops off the ropes when Page gets into the ring.  Kaz keeps control and hits a fisherman's suplex for a two count.  Kaz is able to keep page down with a front facelock as Page fights to get to his feet.  

We're back, and Page fights out of the hold and they trade forearms. Page goes to get some rope moment, and Kaz runs into him.  Page follows up by doing the same thing. They clothesline into each other, but neither goes down.  Page escapes a German suplex, Kaz hits a mule kick, but Page comes off the rope with a buckshot clothesline.  They get to their feet at the same time, and Page hits a series of strikes on Kaz.  Kaz tries to kick his way out of the corner, leaps into Page's arm and Page hits a Samoan slam and a running shooting star press on Kaz.  

Page tries for another clothesline with Kaz on the apron, but Kaz ducks and hits a spike DDT on Page as he leaps in, and covers Page for a two count.  Kaz tries a backslide on Page but gets a two count. Page twists it so that they both come up, arms locked, facing away from each other. Page pops Kaz over, but Kaz lands on his feet, goes behind Page.  They hook up again and Kaz drops and covers Page for a two count.

Kaz tries to pull Page up, but Page reverses it and hits a sliding lariat.  Page then hits a pump handle death valley driver for a two counts.  Kaz tosses Page over the top rope to the apron, and tugs the rope to bring him in, hits a cutter and covers for a two count.  Kaz picks up Kaz for a scoop slam.  He then goes to the ropes for a leaping cross body, but Page catches him, slams him and gets another two count.

Page is up first and gets on the apron, Kaz slides and Page leaps over him and they fight outside the ring.  Kaz gets tossed into the ring, and they struggle on the apron. Page is finally able to hit the buckshot lariat and cover Kaz for the three count.

Your winner:  Adam Page

Through the match, Omega subtly digs at Page on commentary and talks about tag team wrestling in the past tense.  Omega leaves quickly when the match is over, and Page looks to see where Omega is.

We get a video package on the feud between Best Friends and Santana and Ortiz. 

Next out is  MJF and Wardlow, who is not in his suit.  MJF goes to the crowd and holds his hand for people to kiss his right as we go to commercial.

And somewhere, Nina is not smiling any more as she was fired last week.

When we come back, MJF is already in the ring with newcomer Sean Dean, I think.  They don't show his name, so I don't think he has much of a chance.  Sorry, dude.

MJF vs Sean Dean

MJF drops him with a poke to the eye and locks on Salt of the Earth, and Dean taps out immediately.

Your winner:  MJF

Wardlow tosses Sean Dean out of the ring and brings MJF a mic.  MJF asks for his music to be cut and the crowd boos.  MJF says he is an honest man and he talks about himself in the third person.  MJF says that Moxley cheated and he should be undefeated.  He should be the AEW champion.  So, from now on, he is to be called the undefeated, undisputed, uncrowned champion of AEW.  He orders Justin Roberts to announce his new title to the world.  

Justin starts talking, and MJF says he needs to say it with gusto, which he does.  MJF says it's clear he will never get a fair shake. And to do so, you need to be part of a group.  He says maybe it's time this Lone Wolf joined a Wolfpack.  MJF says if he does decide to join a group or not, it doesn't matter because he's better than you, and you know it.

We then get Taz breaking down Ricky Starks' finishing moves.  

After this, Eddie Kingston is the ring with Butcher and Blade, the Lucha Brothers, and a microphone.,

He says he has three points to make. One, he never lost the battle royal.  He should be getting something for it.  Two, his group is a family when families fight, they go out to each.  They are a family of violence.  He tells Butcher and Blade to find a victim.  They bring in three of the wrestlers and ringside and beat them down in the ring and Kingston narrates.

He says they now have everything in order. He says each of them are ready, but the third point.  He he tells Blade to get his house in order.  They all raise arms in the middle of the ring and we go to commercial.

When we come back, Private Party is on their way to the ring at this time, and they still weigh 24 ounces of Vodka Cranberry. 

Out next is Jericho and Hager and they get a bunch of Pyro.  

Private Party vs The Inner Circle

  • We start with Marq Quen and Jake Hager who tie and and Hager is bale to shove him off easily.

  • Quen is able to escape Hager running at him in the corner, tags Isiah Cassidy, attempts a drop toe hold, and Hager doesn't drop.

  • Cassidy leaps in, and taken Hager down with a spinning face plant.

  • Hager leave the ring, Jericho runs in to help and goes out due to a low bridge by Cassidy and a kick to the face by Quen

  • Private Party hit stereo topes.

  • Hager is tossed in and Cassidy hits a leap onto Hager and covers Hager for a one count.

  • Quen is tagged in and the double suplex Hager for a two count.

  • Quen leaps at Hager, who swats him down and rags him to his corner.

  • Jericho is tagged in and beats on Quen as well.

  • Jericho tosses Quen into the ropes and slams Quen.  Jericho hits a back body drop and covers Quen for a one count.

  • Hager is tagged in and works Quen over in the corner.  Quen is tossed to the corner and he gets a boot up on Hager and then hits a drop kick.

  • Cassidy is tagged in and Jericho is tagged in as well.

  • Cassidy leaps onto Jericho, then takes out Hager on the apron and then hits a lionsault on Jericho for a two count. 

  • Cassidy tosses Jericho to the corner, Cassidy goes up and over, and Hager hits Cassidy with a bat on the outside as the Ref couldn't see it and we go to commercial.

  • Jericho works over Cassidy outside the ring, tosses him in and prevents him from tagging out

  • Hager is tagged in and Hager continues the beat down.

  • When we get back on the full screen. Hager hold a knee on Cassidy's neck.

  • He picks up Cassidy and puts him in a sleeper hold.

  • Cassidy fights his way out with elbows and he leaps to make a tag, but Hager is able to grab him and slam him to the mat

  • Hager tries to toss Cassidy out of the ring and Quen gets in position so that they can hit Silly String on Hager.


  • Quen takes of his tx jacket!

  • Hager tags first and Cassidy leaps for the tag.

  • Quen takes out Jericho with an atomic drop and a drop kick.  He then knocks Hager out of the ring and leaps onto him outside the ring.

  • Quen hits a Springboard crossbody into a two count.  That springboard looked INCREDIBLY high in the air.  Impressive as hell.

  • Cassidy is tagged in and he sold how hard the match has been on his lower back

  • Jericho is whipped into the corner and Cassidy leaps onto Jericho.  They then hit a foot stomp neckbreaker and Cassidy covers Jericho for a two count.

  • Cassidy sells the lower back and starts punching Jericho.

  • Hager runs in, but Cassidy gets out of the way so that Hager runs into Cassidy.

  • Cassidy runs at Hager who tosses him into Jericho for a Hurancanrana  

  • Quen takes Hager out over the top rope clothesline

  • Cassidy covers Jericho for a two count

  • Cassidy rains down blows on Jericho in the ropes.  

  • Jericho tries for a Judas Effect, but Cassidy dodges it and rolls up  Jericho for a two count. 

  • Cassidy springs off the ropes for a cutter, but is too hurt to go for the cover.  

  • Cassidy goes to the top and misses the senton.

  • Jericho hits the Judas effect and covers Cassidy for the three count.

Your winners: The Inner Circle

Jericho starts to beat down Cassidy after the bell and puts him in the walls of Jericho.  Quen frees his partner by hitting Jericho with a Pele kick and Hager drags Jericho to safety. We, on the other hand, get dragged to a commercial.

When we come back, it's a History Making Event as Thunder Rosa will be defending the NWA women's title.  Ivelisse comes out with Diamonte for the match.  Thunder Rose, from the graveyards of Tijuana, is out for this match.  They get into jaw jacking and check bumping before the bell.

Thunder Rosa (NWA champion) vs Ivelisse

They start with missed kicks and Ivelisse takes her down with an arm drag.  A few more moves are hit before they slap each other in the middle of the ring, leading to chops, and then Rosa hits an arm drag off of the ropes.  Rose hits a flying head scissors take down next, and brags to the crowd.  Ivelisse comes back with a mule kick and leaping arm drag off the second rope.

Ivelisse hits a leaping head scissors off the second rope, and Rose responds with a shotgun drop kick.  Rosa hits a leaping elbow strike in the corner, and then srpingboards into Ivelisse and covers for a two count.  Rosa locks Ivelisse into an old glory special and was about to do a drop down, but she starts shouting at Diamonte, and Ivelisse is able to reverse the hold and hits a backslide and then a knee strike onto Rosa for a two count. 

Rosa rolls out of the ring. We roll to a small screen as there are commercials.  Rosa takes control as they battle outside the ring on the small screen.  Ivelisse is able to get in some offense as well and they roll into the ring.  Ivelisse covers Rosa for a two count.  Ivelisse locks a reverse sleeper onto Rosa, but Rosa is able to escape and covers for a pair of pins.  Ivelisse was able to turn the tide during the commercial and puts Rosa into a sleeper hold again.

Rosa works out of the hold and they trade blows and knee strikes.  Ivelisse starts with kicks, but Rosa is able to grab her leg for a dragon screw leg whip.  They both get to their feet and trade blows.  Ivelisse is set up in the corner and Rosa lands a high leaping knee.  She follows up with a double knee strike on the mat.  She then hits a drop kick and covers Ivelisse for the two count.

Ivelisse is able to get up, butterflies Rosa and hits a Tiger Driver for a two count. Rosa hits a Russian leg sweep.  She then grabs Ivelisse in a submission hold, and Ivelisse makes it to the ropes.  Ivelisse stays on the ropes as Rosa runs into a punch.  Ivelisse then takes a punch to the face and a Death Valley Driver for a two count.

Ivelisse is able to roll through on Rosa, kicks her in the face and covers for a two count, She gets up to run the ropes, but Rosa kicks her in the midsection.  Rosa is able to hook Ivelisse into the Tombstone piledriver, drops her and cove4rs for the three count.

Your winner and Still Champion, Thunder Rosa

Diamante attacks Rosa after the match and Ivelisse grabs the belt.  Hikaru Shida runs into the ring and she is able to toss them both from the ring.  Rosa enters the ring, and Shida hands her the belt and leave the ring. 

We get a run down of the matches set for next week.  We get a video recap of Miro showing up last week as The Best Man.  We then see Miro benching over 350 pounds and Sabian puts him over.  Miro asks to go in the ring and devour someone.  Sabian says they have something else before they get in the ring.  Miro says he will provide that best Bachelor's party ever.

We get a commercial instead of seeing Sabian benching much less than Miro.

When we get back, Lance Archer grabs one of the wrestlers at ringside and hits a HUGE chokeslam.  Jake Roberts then starts his promo and asks if we would trade our heroes for goats.  Would you exchange pleasure for pain? He says that they need tag team partners for next week's six man tag.  If he has to lay in bed with the devil, he might as well lay in bed with the Tasmanian devil.

Taz comes out and takes the mic.  He says that everyone in Team Taz is happy to do business with them.  He says they are a deadly trio.  And when Lance beats Moxley, he will give Brian Cage the first shot at the the title.  Lance says that they are enemies of his enemies.  But come October 14th, AEW will have a killer new champion. And then the Monster and the Machine will go Godzilla on Daily's Place.

Mox's music hits and he stands in the crowd with a mic. Stark and Cage attack Mox and when security tries to break it up, they get tossed aside.  They toss Mox into a travel case, and Will Hobbs shows up with a chair to save Mox.  

Mox says he's got a team as well,Will Hobbs.  He says he will also be bringing in Darby Allin and Darby needs to get to Jacksonville next week, because they are going to war!

The announcers go down the matches next week leading into the anniversary show.

It's commercial time, so go get a frosty beverage.

We come back to the parking lot and Santana and Ortiz have face paint on. They have set up cars and trucks around the concrete area for the match.

Best Friends vs Santana and Ortiz, Parking Lot Brawl

This is a brawl, so I will just hit the highlights, as there won't be a lot of moves to write up.  

  • They pair off for fighting

  • Chuck slams Santana into a side mirror and Trent tosses Ortiz under the hood of a car and slams it down on him repeatedly. 

  • Chuck climbs to the top and leaps onto the hood Ortiz is under and Trent follows with a sit out senton

  • Santana has the steel baton and attacks, but he's busted on from the mirror

  • Ortiz tosses a sledgehammer at Chuck, and Chuck dodges and it gets stuck in a windshield. 

  • Chuck gets suplexed on the top of a car and it shatters the back window, and Ortiz leaps onto him.

  • Ortiz is busted open on his shoulder.

  • Trent spears Ortiz through a door that had been set up on a car hood

  • Ortiz uses a dust pan on Trent's head.

  • A bicycle rack is set up and Ortiz is suplexed onto it. 

  • Trent is power bombed on the roof of a car by Ortiz

  • Santana and Ortiz power bomb Trent through a windshield of a car.

  • Chuck tries to choke out Santana with the baton.  

  • Chuck is back dropped onto garbage cans. 

  • Trent's back is a mess

  • Santana and Ortiz are dominating.

  • Santana grabs a lead pipe and 

  • Orange Cassidy comes out of a trunk and hits an Orange Punch on Santana with a steel chain wrapped around his fist. 

  • Cassidy picks up Santana and gives him to Chuck, who drops him on a car hood

  • Trent hits a package driver through the plywood in the back of a truck and holds him for the three count

Your winners:  Best Friends

Sue shows up with the mini-van and drives them off into the sunset. She flips off Santana and Ortiz and takes them all for ice cream!

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