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By Richard Trionfo on 2020-09-16 21:59:00

We start off with a look back at last week's show.

We are at Full Sail University and your announcers are Vic Joseph, Wade Barrett, and Beth Phoenix.

Match Number One:  Shotzi Blackheart versus Io Shirai in a Non Title Match

Shotzi offers her hand and Io slaps it away.  They lock up and Shotzi with a take down but she misses a boot.  Shotzi with a waist lock and then she slides under a clothesline and howls.  Io is sent off the ropes and Shotzi iwth a senton.  Io with a cartwheel.  Shotzi with a leg sweep and she gets a near fall.  Io with a leg sweep and she gets a near fall.  Io with a crucifix for a near fall.  Shotzi with a power bomb and jackknife cover for a near fall.  Io with a rollup for a near fall.  Io with a chin lock and Shotzi leans back to get a near fall.  Shotzi with a short arm scissors and she works on the other arm.  Io tries to get to the ropes and she finally succeeds.  

Shotzi releases the hold and misses a splash into the corner.  Io is sent to the apron and Shotzi with a forearm.  Shotzi misses a drop kick through the ropes but lands on her feet.  Io with a back heel kick and an Asai Moonsault.  Io sends Shotzi back into the ring and gets a near fall.  Io kicks Shotzi in the back and then connects with a forearm.  Shotzi with an Irish whip and knees into the corner but Io puts Shotzi on the turnbuckles and then pulls her to the mat.  Io with a hesitation knee drop to Shotzi for a near fall.  

Io with a head scissors in the ropes and the referee warns Io.  Io with a snap mare and drop kick to the back.  Io with a camel clutch.  Io with a boot to the back.  Io with an abdominal stretch on Shotzi.  Io with a shoulder into the corner.  Io with kicks in the corner and the referee checks on Shotzi.  Shotzi with a rollup for a near fall but Io with a drop kick that sends her into the turnbuckles.  Io with a chop and Irisih whip but Shotzi floats over and hits a drop kick followed by forearms and a swinging bulldog.   Shotzi with a kick but Io and Shotzi exchange forearms.  Io wiht the advantage and Shotzi misses a kick.  Io with a crossface on Shotzi.  Shotzi tries to get to the ropes and is able to get her foot on the bottom rope.

Shirai misses a Tiger Feint Kick and Shotzi with an enzuigiri.  Shotzi with a back senton against the ropes.  Io holds the ropes while Shotzi has a waist lock.  Shotzi with a Tiger Suplex for a near fall.  Shotzi with Cattle Mutilation on Io.  They get back to their feet and Shotzi gets Io on her shoulders.  Io gets to her feet and hits a flapjack and then hits a Tiger Feint Kick.  Io goes up top for a missile drop kick and hits it.  Io gets a near fall.   Io goes up top for a moonsault but Shotzi stops her and crotches Io on the top rope.  Shotzi with a Frankensteiner and she rolls through for a near fall.  

Shotzi goes up top and Io with a palm strike.  Io with a forearm on the turnbuckles followed by an attempted superplex.  Shotzi holds on to the turnbuckle to stop Io.  Shotzi drops Io onto the apron and Shotzi with a kick and Shotzi goes to the apron.  Io with a German suplex on the apron.  They return to the ring and Io gets a near fall.  Io with a knee in the corner and she puts Shotzi in position for the moonsault.  Io hits the moonsault for the three count.

Winner:  Io Shirai

After the match, Io helps Shotzi up and they shake hands and show respect.

We take a look at Tommaso Ciampa.  

We go to commercial.

We are back and there will be a Number One Contender Battle Royal next week for the Women's Title.

Match Number Two:  Desmond Troy versus Tommaso Ciampa

They lock up and Troy goes for the leg but Ciampa backs into the ropes.  Ciampa with a knee and snap mare into a reverse chin lock.  Ciampa with a snap mare and he misses a boot to the head.  Troy with a rollup for a near fall.  Troy with a drop kick and Irish whip but Ciampa with a forearm to the throat.  CIampa with a clothesline into the corner followed by kicks.  Ciampa catapults Troy's head into the bottom turnbuckle.  Ciampa with Willow's Bell for the three count.

Winner:  Tommaso Ciampa

After the match, Jake Atlas comes out and he asks Ciampa if he rememebers him as the guy who got his ass kicked a few weeks ago.  He could have come out and attacked him like a coward.  He says you are at the top of the food chain, but next week, it is my turn to eat.  I will show you how dangerous I can be.

We see Drake Maverick arriving at Full Sail and he is asked about his tag match with a guy who doesn't want to tag with him.  Drake says they have a common enemy and they will fight as a team.  He hasn't heard from Dain this week and Killian did punch him a few times.  Drake says he will be fine.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Finn Balor says Adam Cole, everyone wanted to know who was the greatest.  You are undisputed, but there is only one Prince.  The questions keep coming.  What is it like to be champion four years apart?  How is NXT different then versus now?  How will this reign be different?  Build a brand, carry the brand.  The future is a lot different.  I don't need the brand.  The brand needs me.  Finn Balor as champion makes this the most important title.  I have been fighting for 20 years to be champion so now it is time to fight to face the champion.  Start the queue, but look both ways before crossing the Prince.

Austin Theory comes out and he says he is a future first ballot Hall of Famer.  Last week was a fluke Bronson Reed.  Anyone in the back has the chance to say that they were able to step into the ring with Austin Theory.

Match Number Three:  Austin Theory versus KUSHIDA

KUSHIDA kicks Theory when he enters the ring.  Theory goes to the floor.

The match starts and KUSHIDA with forearms and a front face lock but Theory gets to the ropes.  KUSHIDA with a take down and Theory with a waist lock but KUSHIDA with an arm bar.  Theory drops KUSHIDA on the top rope with a hot shot and then hits a clothesline.  Theory with punches and a boot to the chest.  Theory with a suplex for a near fall.  Theory with a knee to the midsection followed by a back breaker.  Theory misses a moonsault and KUSHIDA with a kick to the elbow followed by more kicks to the arm.  KUSHIDA with a round kick to the arm followed by a hip toss and cartwheel.  KUSHIDA with a drop kick.  KUSHIDA with a kick that sends Theory to the floor.

KUSHIDA lands on his feet on a pescado attempt.  Theory with a kick and he goes for a forearm but misses and hits the ring post.  KUSHIDA with a running divorce court.  They return to the ring.  KUSHIDA with boots to the head and then he applies the Hoverboard Lock and Theory taps out.

Winner:  KUSHIDA

We are back and Candice says that Tegan can go around and talk about how she has changed but I have changed in a good way.  Johnny Gargano shows up and complains about the television being destroyed and how he will send Tegan the bill.  Candice mentions the Number One Contender Battle Royal.  Johnny says he ordered a 100 inch plasma 3D but it won't be available until next week.  Johnny says when they both have gold around their waist and have a new television, the celebration can start.

Match Number Four:  Tyler Breeze and Fandango versus Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner for the NXT Tag Team Championships

Barthel and Aichner run to the ring and go after the champions but Aichner and Barthel are sent to the floor.

Barthel sends Breeze to the floor while Aichner kicks Fandango in the ring.  Aichner with a slam and he slaps Fandango in the head.  Barthel tags in and he punches Fandango in the ribs.  Barthel sends Fandango into the turnbuckles and he chops Fandango and kicks him.  Fandango with chops but Barthel sends Fandango into the turnbuckles.  Barthel with punches.  Barthel rakes the eyes with his boots and hits a running European uppercut.  Fandango with punches but Barthel with a jaw breaker to stop Fandango.

Aichner tags in and he chokes Fandango in the ropes.  Aichner with a belly-to-back suplex and he kicks Fandango.  Fandango with a kick to Aichner and a forearm to Barthel on the apron.  Aichner with a clothesline for a near fall.  Barthel tags in and applies a rear chin lock and follows with an elbow.  Barthel grabs Fandango by the ear and Irish whips him.  Barthel with an elbow in the corner followed by a butterfly suplex for a near fall.  Barthel with a European uppercut and he chokes Fandango in the corner.  Aichner tags in and Fandango punches Aichner.  Barthel clips Fandango and Aichner gets a near fall.  Barthel tags in and they put Fandango in the ropes and hit a double drop kick.

We go to commercial.

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