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By Kendall Jenkins on 2020-09-16 08:44:00

WWE wrestling is surely one leisure activity that has a polarizing effect. You could call it a sporting equivalent of Marmite. This is something you either love or hate, with little chance of sitting on the fence and remaining noncommittal. To those who love WWE, it means the world to them. Just as their wrestling heroes are larger than life, fans can be equally over-the-top in their adoration, and in the ways they express disdain for their heroes’ opponents. This degree of fanaticism can also be offputting for prospective partners. If you are a wrestling fan, here are the top four tips for ensuring dating success.

Sign up to an online dating service

Dating websites are the most convenient way of influencing the outcome of your search for a love interest. What’s one guaranteed way of finding an individual who will share your passion for WWE wrestling without looking down their nose at the way you prepare for the major contests, or spend inordinate amounts of time glued to the spectacle on sports channels? Online dating. To select the most appropriate site, check ratings on best poly dating or similar services.  Check out the profiles of the other members of your favorite site and keep an eye out for individuals who have also stated their love for all things WWE. The only remaining question to be addressed is which website will give you the best chance of tracking down someone truly compatible? Numerous sites highlight the most relevant ones, depending on your aspirations. 

Harness the power of social media

Social media is a vast platform, and although sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have vastly different functionality, the service each provides is often conducive to positive dating experiences. If your mission is to find love with someone who will appreciate WWE wrestling, browse through the newsfeeds and posts of friends, and friends of friends. When you write about an upcoming bout or competition, who ‘likes’ your post or makes a comment? You could always see if they might elaborate on their enthusiasm by sending direct messages. Join Facebook groups dedicated to WWE. Get to know a wider circle of fellow fans, keeping an eye out for those you are also attracted to.

Play on your devotion

Wherever you happen to be indulging in your love of WWE, whether you’re watching in a busy sports bar, or on television during a social get-together, don’t be afraid to let your exuberance show. If there are singles in the proximity, who are they going to be drawn to more: an exciting person who wears their heart on their sleeve and appears to have a lust for life, and who would be a joy to be around, or the shrinking violet sitting alone, only displaying ardor when discussing how his ISA is currently performing? 

Tone down antics during sporting occasions

The opposite side of that coin is that your behavior might need to be tempered in certain circumstances. It’s all very well giving the impression you have an outgoing personality that would make you an exciting and interesting catch, but this will gain even more potency if you demonstrate an ability to shift things down a gear when you have to. Potential partners will secretly crave those moments when you behave with more sensitivity. They’ll anticipate lulls in the proceedings when you turn away from the manic wrestling on the screen to whisper sweet nothings.

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