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By Anthony Pires on 2020-09-15 20:53:00


We are welcomed to another edition of AEW Dark.  Tonight, an 0 must go as winless Brandon Cutler takes on winless Peter the Librarian Avalon (watch this end in a draw).  Veda Scott, Excalibur and Taz have the call tonight.

Red Velvet vs. Brandi Rhodes w/Dustin Rhodes and Brandi Rhodes Action Figure

Brandi stalls before our first lockup.  Go behind by Velvet into an arm twist.  Series of reversals until a break. Kick to the midsection by Brandi.  Brandi with a shouldertackle.  Another attempt at such leads to a leg lariat by Velvet for 2.  Velvet with kicks in the corner.  Pump kick by Brandi followed by some ground nd pound.  Back elbow and a forward roll and a side kick by Brandi for 2.  Sling blade for 2 by Brandi.  Anna Jay comes out to scout the match.  DDT off the distraction by Velvet.  Floating clotheslines by Velvet for 2.  Forearms by Velvet but Brandi with a spear.  Rear naked choke by Brandi for the the submission.

WINNER: Brandi Rhodes

Anna Jay walks away, unimpressed.

Kevin Blackwood & Daniel Garcia vs. The Butcher & The Blade w/Eddie Kingston

B&B attck before the bell but Garcia and Blackwood fire back.  Overhead belly to back by Garcia.  B&B drag them outside and go to work.  Butcher with a suplex, tags in Blade, who drives the knees into Blackwood.  Blade with a clothesline, tags in Butcher, they hit a double chop.  Butcher with a gutbuster on Garcia.  Garcia blocks an atomic drops and hits a boot to the face and tags in Blackwood.  He fores away at Butcher and dropkicks Blade but a big cross body by Butcher.  Garcia tags himself in and immediately gets backgreakered by Butcher.  Full Death and Blade gets the pin.

WINNERS: The Butcher & The Blade

Dani Jordyn vs. Penelope Ford w/Kip Sabian

Lockup, Ford takes it to the corner and pie faces Jordyn.  Jordyn fires back and hits a snap mare and throws Ford to the outside.  Uppercut by Ford as Jordyn goes for a tope suicida.  Ford with some kicks to the face and a gutbuster for 2.  Kip Sabian, having stolen Jordyn's Burn Book, shows Ford her specific page and tries to use the book but ut gets taken away.  Jordyn with a clothesline and side kick.  Ford blocks a German and hits a stunner and a dropkick off the top rope. Fisher(wo)man Suplex by Ford for the pin.

WINNER: Penelope Ford

Megabyte Ronnie vs. Brian Cage

Ronnie is a competitive eater we are told.  Absolute Ricky Starks joins commentary.  Ronnie goes for a sunset flip and a big shoulder tackle by Cage.  Cage fores away.  Hiptoss into a backbreaker by Cage.  Big chops in the corner by Cage.  Ronnie hits a boot off a charge.   Running knee by Ronnie, but he eats a spinning lariat.  Ronnie reverses a fallway slam and pulls a hot dog out and hits a People's Elbow.  Cage is not amused and hits a 619.  Cage follows up with a death valley driver bomb for the pin.

WINNER: Brian Cage

Santana & Ortiz vs. Griff Garrison & Brian Pillman Jr

Pillman and Santana kick things off with a lockup.  Arm twist by Santana, Pillman with a kick to escape.  Uppercut by Santana and a big kick to the back of the head.  They exchange forearms and Santana gets the better of it.  Garrison tags in and he hits a legdrop.  Unfazed, Santana nails a huge chop.  garrison reverse a whip and hits a splash in the corner.  Ortiz gets the tag but Santan nails a bulldog, Ortiz gets a 2.  Leg Lariat by Ortiz. Gut wrench by Ortiz.  Ortiz with punches in the corner followed by an eye rake and stomps in the corner.  Garrison floats over a charge but gets nailed by a clothesline.  Santana tags in.  Running kick by Santana, he chops away and tags in Ortiz.  They hit a double suplex on Garrison and knock Pillman off the apron.  Elbow by Garrison, he gets a tag.  Pillman with a clothesline on Santana, Ortiz with a pop up powerbomb.  A knee strike by Santana for good measure and Ortiz scores the pin

WINNERS: Santana & Ortiz

Jessy Sorensen vs. Will Hobbs

Hobbs has some real star potential.  He nails Sorenson with a clothesline and a splash in the corner.  Sorensen fights back but Hobbs pushes off in a cross body attempt.  Big spinebuster by Hobbs.  Running powerslam into the corner and an Oklahoma Stampede and Hobbs scores the pin.

WINNER: Will Hobbs

Skyler Moore & Reche Chanel vs Ivelisse & Diamanite

Moore and Ivelisse tie up and Moore nails a pair of armdrags and a hiptoss.  Ivelisse escapes and bodyslam and tags in Diamante.  Moore hits a bodyslam and tags in Chanel.  Back elbow by Chanel.  Diamate blocks a rollup and nails a back elbow.  Armdrag by Chanel.  Diamante avoids a kick and nails an uppercut.  Ivelisse tags in and gets a 2 off of a clothesline.  Spin kick by Ivelisse into a dragon sleeper.  Chanel powers out and hits forearms.Ivelisse with double underhook for 2.  Diamate tags in and hits a running dropkick in the corner.  Ivelisse with a side kick and a clotheline by Diamante for 2.  Jawbreaker by Chanel into a running knee strike.  Ivelisse tags in, as does Skyler. Moore with a series of clotheslines and a headscissoes takedown.  Powerslam for 2 by Moore.  Backstabber by Diamante and a kick to the face by Ivelisse for the pin on Moore.

WINNERS: Ivelisse & Diamante

Reminder that Ivelisse will challenge Thunder Rosa for the NWA World Women's Title on Dynamite

Colt Cabana w/Evil Uno vs. QT Marshall w/ Allie

The rest of the mighty Dark Order observes from the stage (join them, please).  Cabana with a takedown, but Marshall reverses into a hammerlock.  Headlock by Colt, he hits a shoulderblock.  Allie seems disappointed in QT.  Lockup and an arm twist by Marshall, they break in the corner.  Stu Grayson runs down and insists Colt attack him.  QT takes advantage of the distraction.  He, himself gets distracted by the Dark Order and Cabana hits a standing splash for 2.  QT with kicks and forearms but a big elbow for 2 by Cabana.  Colt rains elbows and hits a nerve hold, QT elbows out but Colt goes back to the nerve hold into a surfboard. QT with punches and a shoulderblock.. QT to the top and a back elbow.  Backbreaker/flatline by QT for 2.  Colt with jabs and his Dusty elbow.  Colt avoids the stunner.  Evil Uno gets up on the apron, distracting the referee. Stu Grayson nails a running knee.  Discus Lariat by Cabana for the pin.

WINNER: Colt Cabana

Brandon Cutler vs Peter Avalon with Leva Bates

The former Initiative go at it right away.  They're a combined 0-51 between them. Butterfly suplex by Avalon, Cutler with a suplex for 2.  Flying clothesline by Cutler he then hits a armdrag and a tope suicida after Avalon bails out.  Avaln with a pump kick.  Bates goes to check on Cutler but Avalaon pushes her away.  Cutler throws Avalon back into the ring but Avalon with a tope suicida.  Springboard clothesline for 2 by Avalon.  Avaln with a half crab, Cutler to the ropes.  Avalon grabs Bates' book to use as a foreign object by Bates snags it away.  Reverse DDT by Cutler for 2 3/4.  Torture Rack by cutler but Avalon escapes and hits a tiger driver for 2.  Double knee and a split leg moonsault by Avalon for 2.  Double boot by Cutler and an elbowdrop for 2.  They exchange punches on the top turnbucke and both fall to the outside.  They trade forearms until they're both counted out.

Result: Double Count Out- 1st AEW Double Count Out in company history

Maxx Stardom and Dontae Smiley vs Best Friends 

Taylor works over Smiley and gets the tag to Trent, who hits a back elbow.  Headlock takeover by Trent.  Smiley powers out and hits a high dropkick.  Trent with a running knee as Smiley plays to the crowd. Chops by Trent, tags in Chuck.  Elbow drop by Chuck, Trent tags in.  Forearms by Trent.  Smiley fores back but Trent puts him down.  Trent fires away in the corner.  Smiley reverses a whip and hits a neckbreaker.  Tags in Stardom, who hits a bulldog on Trent.  Trent responds with a German Suplex.  Chuck tags in and Chuck nails both of them.  Trent with a spear to Stardom on the outside.  Trent tags in and a Sole Food/Half and Half combo.  Jumping piledriver by Trent on Smiley for the pin.

WINNERS: Best Friends

Private Party, Billy and Austin Gunn vs Dark Order (Evil Uno, Stu Grayson, Alex Reynolds and John Silver)

Please join Dark Order.  They are accompanied by Anna Jay, Alan Angels and 10.  Billy with a headlock takedown on Reynolds,  Alex with a kick and Billy responds with a tackle and an twist.  Tags in to Austin, who tags in Kassidy, who tags in Quen.  They're all taking turns twisting Reynolds' arm.  Dropkick for 2 by Kassidy.  Austin tags in and hits a splash in the corner for 1.  Reynolds drags him in the corner and Grayson tags in.  He stomps Ausitn in the corner.  Here comes Evil Uno with an elbow and a hand stomp.  Reynolds is back in.  Austin with a back slide for 1.  Kassidy tags in, he hits a camel clutch as Quen hits a dropkick.  Quen with a hurancanrana and a dropkick.  Quen kicks all DO members off the apron.  Silver pulls Quen out and they go to work on him.  Uno with stomps, he's now the legal man.  Backbreaker/elbow drop by Grayson for 2.  Silver tags in and hits a backdrop for 2.  Silver with an elbow into a rear chinlock.  Quen fires back but Silver bullrushes him into his corner and tags in Uno, who hits a delayed suplex for 2.  Quen ranas both Silver and reynolds, Uno prevents the tag and Grayson comes in.  Enziguiri by Quen, he gets the tag off to Billy.  Billy fors to work on the Dark Order.  Billy with a Kallas to Grayson for 2. Uno prevents the famouser.  I have honestly no idea who is legal now, EVERYONE is hitting their finishers.  Ausitn with a double clothesline on Silver and Reynolds.  Austin with diving uppercuts.  Grayson hits Fatality on Austin Gunn in all of this for the pin.

WINNERS: Dark Order


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