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By Mike Johnson on 2020-09-15 15:28:00

As viewers of Monday Night Raw may have easily realized, the finish of Mickie James vs. Asuka did not go as planned last night.  The planned finish was for James to tap out to the Asuka Lock but the bell was rung prematurely while James and Asuka were grappling with James selling Asuka trying to lock her in a submission hold. has been told by numerous sources that the decision was made to ring the bell out of concern that James might actually have been out on her feet due to the way she was selling the move. We are told James was actually fine and just did such an excellent job of selling that she was out of it that she fooled those in charge, who signaled that the match be stopped, instructions the referee followed.

The post-bout promo with Zelina Vega was, as of last night, to set up Asuka vs. Vega which will likely take place at Clash of Champions but that wasn't 100% set in stone as of last night.

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