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By Dave Scherer on 2020-09-15 10:00:00

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Why, in your opinion did WWE make The Fiend a one-week transitional champion? In my opinion the Fiend character deserves to be protected more than Braun Strowman. Would it not have made more sense to have Roman cause a double DQ at Summerslam then win at Payback as planned? 

They wanted to set Bray up as a Number One contender down the road, and they did.  He took the Title from Braun Strowman, then Roman pinned Braun so Bray never got pinned to lose the Title.  It’s pretty clear that they wanted Braun to be the guy who got the downward push.

Assuming that the WWE and Brock Lesnar have not come to some kind of agreement by the time you answer this question, if you were Brock, what would you do at this stage?  Would you hold out for a little while and see if the WWE will give you whatever it is he is asking for or take this chance and shop your talents around to other places to the highest bidder?  Also do you think he will lean toward wrestling (like AEW) or toward MMA more again assuming he and WWE don't come to an agreement right away?

Brock is 43 years old.  There are very few men that age that can compete in the cage at a high level.  I think Brock would be setting himself up for failure if he goes back.  That leaves wrestling.  Brock is about a maximum payday, and I don’t blame him.  I don’t think he works at all in AEW since he would cost too much and would turn their fans off if he came in and dominated the roster.  You don’t pay him big money to put others over.  So that leaves WWE.  We are in their down time now, until the Rumble, so there is no need to get him back now.  As January comes, and WWE is trying to make Mania special, Brock’s leverage goes way up.

As I understand it, Rusev started wearing boots because he started getting repeated injuries to his bare feet.  How long can Matt Riddle go before his feet start to become a problem, and should he make the switch to wearing boots or shoes in the near future?

He can probably keep doing it until he too starts injuring his feet.

Most wrestlers wear kneepads, but some don't.  How significant are kneepads in reducing wear and tear on the knees, and since they are such a basic staple of wrestling ring attire, why do some wrestlers choose to not wear them?

Some people don't like the way that they feel as it requires an adjustment to wearing them. They do restrict movement a bit.  As for me?  I would wear them.  Any padding that can keep a bump from doing more damage is something I would take advantage of.  A cracked kneecap is no picnic.

I read your answer today regarding Ryback's comment of how John Cena would be the last marquee star and your response of Vince wanting the company to be the top star.  I stopped watching "sports entertainment/wrestling" shortly afterwards when Brock first left to play in the NFL since I feel that was the turning point for the company of wanting to be the draw even though John Cena broke through.  I followed wrestling through the 80's, 90's & early 2000's because it was IMPORTANT to watch wrestling (silly, I know).  Some of it was good, some of it was bad, but it was all important to watch.  So in your opinion, why is it important to watch sports entertainment/wrestling right now?  From what I read on your site, new moves are being invented almost on a weekly basis from the wrestlers in hopes of being relevant again but to no avail.  No matter how hard Mike tries to convince the readers that a show is good, the numbers clearly show it was not important enough to watch.  

First off, if Mike thinks a show is good, he’s giving his opinion.  He is not trying to make you watch.  Clearly, you don’t want to watch and that’s your choice.  In my opinion it’s never been important to watch wrestling.  It’s important to eat, take care of yourself, have a roof over your head, etc.  If wrestling is important to you, you may have to look at your priorities.  To me, wrestling has always been a fun diversion, and that is up to the viewer to decide.  To your last point, moves are only important to the hardcore fans.  What will make wrestling relevant again to the people who aren’t watching are characters that they can invest in and stories that interest them.  It’s all about the creative, always has been.  You have to give people wrestlers that they care about, and a reason to see them want to fight someone.

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