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By Dave Scherer on 2020-09-16 10:01:00

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When Bayley initially turned on Becky Lynch, wasn’t the idea supposed to be that Sasha was manipulating her into remaining friends when she had sights on gold herself? How’s she staying heel then? 

Because Vince says so.  That's all I've got.

What happened to Chelsea Green?  She was a every other week regular, had a match teaming with Charlotte Flair where it looked like her taking a hit for Charlotte might lead to something.  She fired Stone, but she's the one who disappeared. 

Your guess is as good as mine.  She is still employed by them.  It did seem like she was going to go somewhere, and then it stopped.

The last few years, we've heard of WWE wrestlers having time added to their contracts when they've been injured. What if a wrestler - Samoa Joe, for example - temporarily or even permanently transitions into any role? He's been working every Monday - could they still tack time on his deal at the end of his contract if he's been working on commentary throughout?

In general, when they add time it's because the worker is at home rehabbing an injury.  Clearly, Joe wouldn't be doing that.  To me the bigger question is have they given him an announcer's contract, which would make him an employee rather than a contractor.

From some screenshots I saw, this was the second straight week that some really disgusting/racist imagery got on some of the screens in the Thunderdome during Raw.  As far as I know, so far this hasn't happened during SmackDown, or at either of the PPVs.  What is it about Raw that makes some people think they can just act like a-holes?  Even when crowds are in the buildings, it's normally on Raw that they tend to do stupid stuff or try to take over, and not SmackDown or PPVs, unless something really upsets them (their use of Daniel Bryan in the Royal Rumbles in 2014 and 15, being great examples).

That is a good question and it does seem like crowds are generally more a-holey at Raw than at Smackdown.  Honestly, I don’t know what goes through the minds of people to make them act like pieces of garbage and frankly, that is a good thing.  If I understood why they were the pieces of garbage that they are, maybe that would mean I could be one too.  I am glad I can just look at them with disdain and say they are a waste of a zygote.

I was wondering if there is any reason why NXT is not filming episodes at the Thunderdome? I feel like with how cheap it is and WWE being the only tenant for a few months they could film there. Do they have contract with Full Sail that requires them to film there?

Triple H said on a Takeover conference call they are staying at Full Sail because they have a great relationship with the University.  I am OK with that but given that Full Sail is a media institution, I don’t see why they don’t also create a Thunderdome there for NXT.  I think it makes it look like Raw and Smackdown are way up here, and NXT is down there.  I wish they would come up with something to make NXT look like the equal of those two shows.

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