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By Mike Johnson on 2020-09-14 08:45:00

The United Wrestling Network will debut their Primetime Live PPV series tomorrow, Tuesday 9/15 on InDemand PPV, FITE.TV and other PPV outlets, featuring:

*NWA Champion Nick Aldis vs. Mike Bennett.

*West Coast Pro Champion Alexander Hammerstone vs. EJ Sparks.

*UWN TV Champion Dan Joseph vs. Levi Shapiro with Howdy Price.

*Kamille vs. Heather Monroe.

*Will Allday vs. Jordan Clearwater.

*Chris Dickinson vs. Dick Mayor.

*The Tribe - The Hawaiian Lion and The Navaho Warrior vs. The Wolf Zaddies, Bad Dude Tito and Che Cabrera.

Online now for subscribers, United Wrestling Network President Dave Marquez sits down to talk about this Tuesday's Primetime Live PPV series debut, the origins of the series, what the long term play is here, comparing it to the identity of his Championship Wrestling series, how the TV shows will connect to the PPV, producing pro wrestling in a COVID-19 world, how involved Billy Corgan and the NWA will be, what talents he is looking forward to exposing nationally, whether we will finally see a UWN Champion crowned, whether we might see NWA Powerrr taped from the Thunder Studios in California where UWN is taking place, reconfiguring Championship Wrestling into an empty arena presentation, thoughts on Disneyland's extended closure due to COVID, directing the infamous KDOC-TV New Year's Eve special, what went wrong, when did he realize it, what the process is like working with China to produce a TV broadcast and more!  For more on the series, click here. will have live, ongoing coverage.

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