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By Dave Scherer on 2020-09-14 10:00:00

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If the “Steroid Scandal” never happened, isn’t feasible we could have transitioned straight from the 80’s Golden Era right into the 90's Attitude Era, resulting in 15+ plus straight years of wrestling at its peak?  Due to the bad publicity, drastic business downturn, and drug testing resulting from the "Steroids Scandal", the WWF was forced to phase out a plethora of Superstars from '92 to '93, such as: Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, British Bulldog, Roddy Piper, Jake Roberts, LOD, Ric Flair, and Sid. This left a gaping hole in the roster that was filled by tacky and goofy New Generation gimmick acts that drove fans away.  However, if the "Steroid Scandal" never happened, Hulk Hogan could have still done movies or TV and come back for big PPV dream matches. Since Vince would have never needed to go with an extreme “New Generation” roster overhaul and branding campaign, Ric Flair and Randy Savage could have could have stayed in the WWF and elevated rising stars in prominent programs. Mr. Perfect, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Undertaker, Razor Ramon, and Diesel would have been elevated to the main event mix faster - and more credibly - from defeating the '80's holdover legends. Finally, the sheer variety of match and rivalry combinations of the late 80’s stalwarts, early 90’s rising stars, and the mid-90’s arrivals of Steve Austin, HHH, Rock, and Mick Foley could have generated mainstream interest or money-drawing programs until the Attitude Era commenced.  Without the steroid controversy, the WWF could have enjoyed a boom period from 1984 to 2002, as the roster would have been loaded with megastars and dream matches galore!  Your thoughts? 

I don’t see any way that happens.  Part of why it was easy for WWF to let Hogan go to WCW was that their product was losing steam.  The bloom was off the rose for what Vince was doing.  If the scandal didn’t happen, I think it would have continue to deteriorate.  At least some of the stars don’t get to go to WCW.  Who knows if Vince is ever desperate enough to exit his comfort zone to even adapt the Attitude Era concepts.  If that doesn’t happen, WWE never gets its biggest boom period ever, and who knows if they have the TV deals they have today.  I think just the opposite, the steroid scandals led to temporary paid that led to long term glory.

One unusual question about the Matt Hardy incident... do you think Tony Khan put Matt in a difficult situation?  Matt's wife publicly said Matt "1000%" had a concussion and was very vocal and angry about it.  Khan publicly crowed that he didn't, and that he was fine.  So Matt's wife has now been publicly called a liar... by his boss.  And eventually, Matt will need to deal with the "So who's lying -- your wife or your boss?" questions. I understand Khan wants to drive the narrative to make himself and his company look good.  But couldn't he have handled the messaging better... like "Matt insisted that he finish the match and the doctor agreed.  Looking back, maybe we should have insisted he not.  We're glad he's fine now, and we look forward to having him back."  Wouldn't that have been better and a lot easier on his employee?

I totally put the blame on Khan here.  I will believe Reby over him here.  If I am Matt and I am asked and I have to answer, I just tell the truth.  If Matt didn’t have a concussion, there was no need to go right to the finish and then have him do the “I am hurt and going away for a while” promo on Dynamite.  Given that Tony’s family owns an NFL team, he knows that the concussion protocol isn’t quick.  In my opinion, the whole thing was handled badly.  I hope he learns from it.

Given Dominik's experience level, it's fair to say he's gotten the high-profile spots on the card in large part because of who his father is.  If you take away the fact that he's Rey's son, how has he performed so far in your view?  In other words, would his performances be worthy of his spot if he were any other rookie wrestler?

He is trying and getting better as he goes but if his last name wasn’t Mysterio he would not he in the position he’s in, no way no how.

One look at Rey's wife and I thought she would make a phenomenal strong/silent-type heel in a non-wrestling role, and a heel turn on Dominik and Rey would be incredible.  Has she ever expressed interest in getting into the business, and if she did, do you think a heel turn on her family would be the perfect way to kick off her career?

I honestly can’t say but wow, turning heel on your son?  That is pretty cold.

I know I don't pay attention to RAW and SmackDown 100% of the time like I used to but wasn't Nia Jax suspended indefinitely.  Did they ever mention how she returned and won the Women's tag titles?

The Smackdown hacker brought her back.  Seriously, WWE is really good at not following up or explaining storylines! 

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