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By Mike Johnson on 2020-09-12 09:56:00

The North American Wrestling Alliance, a promotion run by Tony Capone in the early 1990s, has announced a relaunch and last night launched a new website at

The promotion originally ran the Westchester County area in New York, securing a TV slot nationally on Sportschannel America in the summer of 1992, utilizing names that included Sean Waltman (as the Lightning Kid), the late Hercules Hernandez, Tommy Dreamer, Taz, The Hater, Johnny Rotten (soon to become Johnny Grunge), S.D. Jones and others, including giving Joey Styles his first ever announcing experience.  In an interesting piece of history, several years later when ECW needed a new production team, Styles remembered the production crew from NAWA - Ron Buffone and Charlie Bruzesse, leading to their long through Extreme Championship Wrestling.  The pair now work for Impact Wrestling while Bruzesse is also a top producer for MLW. 

The promotion ran for several months and then later returned on a larger scale in 1999, running the Westchester County Center with Bruno Sammartino, Shane Douglas, Sid Vicious, The Public Enemy and more appearing.

Capone announced the return of the company several weeks ago, officially launching a website last night.  The website lists former WWE and WCW star Paul Roma as the promotion's Chief Operating Officer with Roma's partner in the CT-based Paradise Alley Pro Wrestling school, Mario Mancini as the head of talent relations.  Former ECW star Sal E. Graziano is also listed as working in talent relations.  Robert Champion, who worked with Capone on the earlier incarnations of the NAWA is also back.  Cyndi Snow (aka Bobcat) and longtime independent promoter Lou Reardon are also involved in the management side.

The talent roster listed on the website is highlighted by former WWE developmental talent Danny Inferno as well as number of Northeastern independent talents.  WWE Hall of Famer Bushwhacker Luke Williams has cut a promo for the promotion, so the plan is for him to appear as well.

The promotion is already placing classic content on a YouTube channel and promising a "Jingle Brawl" event for this winter that will stream and feature limited fans live.  The promotion's website also states they will be running regularly in New York City, upstate New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and other cities, including Chicago and Indianapolis, although when that may occur obviously depends on the COVID-19 pandemic.


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