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By Mike Johnson on 2020-09-11 15:26:00

Yesterday's scheduled settlement hearing between Jeff Jarrett and Global Force Wrestling and Impact Wrestling parent company Anthem Wrestling was canceled due to the death of United States District Judge Pamela Reeves, leading to the courtrooms shutting down for several weeks out of respect for her passing.  There will be a new hearing scheduled down the line.

Jarrett, now with WWE, paid tribute to the late Barry Scott:

After this week's Impact, it would appear the most likely Bound for Glory main event is Eric Young (who is tremendous in his role) against Rich Swann, who has far and away done the best mic work of his career in that storyline.

The Wrestlehouse concept was something Rosemary actually suggested.  We are told that Robert Evans (former wrestler RD Evans, who was also part of WWE Creative in the past) was the driving force behind the creative aspect of it with Tommy Dreamer also involved in the day to day shoots.  All of the material was shot over a week in Nashville, TN with many of the matches taking place the same day, so they went into it with a complete story in mind. Elite subscribers are currently listening to an interview with Kylie Rae about the Wrestlehouse experience, portraying such a pure babyface, changing gears between wrestling in empty arenas at TV tapings and independent shows before live fans, why kicking Tommy Dreamer in the face was so awesome, Bound for Glory, getting to face Deonna Purrazzo shortly, teaming with Susie, the type of characters and presentation she loves about wrestling, the anxiety she deals with before every match and more.

This Tuesday's edition of Impact in 60 will focus on 2 Out of Three Fall Matches, including Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle and Sonjay Dutt vs. Low Ki.

The Tuesday 9/23 edition will spotlight EC3.

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