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By Paul Jordan on 2020-09-11 09:37:00

This week's updates to the Highspots Wrestling Network, which you can subscribe to by clicking here:

Ego's Amigos Rascalz & Chris Bey

On this episode of Ego's Amigos our "Wrestler Boy" Julian aka Ethan Page is joined by all three members of the Rascalz. The interview also gets a little "Dashing" with another guest.

Topics Include:

-Japanese 7/11

-The Formation of the Rascalz

-Straight Bacon In Here


-The Wedding

-Quarantine Life

Alpha-1: True North Strong (July 2019)

From Hamilton, Ontario, Canada - Featuring:

BMD vs RJ City

PWA Canada Pure Violence Title Match: Eddie Osbourne vs Chris Logan vs JT Kirk vs Steve Brown

Eric Cairnie vs Ethan Page

New School Wrestling Tag Team Title Match: Fight Or Flight (Gabriel Fuerza and Vaughn Vertigo) vs The Quebec City Choir Boys (Judas and Seth Cassidy)

Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs Shane Sabre

Mark Wheeler vs Tyler Colton

Outer Limits Title, Elimination Match: Justin Sane vs Jonny Deluca vs Alexia Nicole vs Trent Gibson vs Tyler Aero vs Clutch Jessie V vs Pretty Ricky Willdy

Alpha Male Title Match: Kobe Durst vs LuFisto

The Interview w/ Alicia Atout: Rocky Radley & Dynamite Didi

The interview queen is back in this Unsanctioned interview, So Flo Unsanctioned that is!

Alicia is joined by the duo of Rocky Radley & Dynamite Didi for another amazing interview!

Plus Bonus Matches from Queens Of Combat!



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