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By Dave Scherer on 2020-09-09 10:04:00

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I am writing the day after All Out. Moxley said in the scrum that Renee Young has an extensive non compete with WWE.  He also said that she was in the audience last night. What if by chance they panned the audience and she popped up on TV.  Would there be any liability on anyone’s part if that happened “by accident?” I can’t see that as a violation by Renee herself.

I don’t know the specifics of her non-compete so I can’t say for sure but I would think it would be in her best interest to not be shown on camera by AEW.  While she is Mox’s wife, AEW is a competitor of WWE, with a show on TNT.  I would think WWE could make the case that they were showing her in the crowd to play off of her “WWE goodwill”, even if they never mention her by name.

What’s your opinion of Adam Pierce and Pat Buck in their on-air authority roles?  They’re running the show, but they’re not portrayed as any kind of GM from eras past, heel or babyface.

I like how they have been used.  We know there is management in the company so I like that they are being used in that fashion.  It makes sense and isn’t overbearing like the overused GM.

I don't get the whole disdain some people having against planning out a match in great detail, like Savage - Steamboat from WMII, as opposed to calling a match on the the fly. I see the value of wrestlers having the ability to change non-pivotal portions of a match, if the crowd is not into it. While many matches from the NWA/early WCW days are indeed great, there are also a lot of matches from the NWA/early WCW days that bore us with lots of stalling and endless rest holds that eat up 2/3 of the match, before segueing to sloppy closing sequences that misfire, are missed by poor camera work, or don't effectively build to a climatic finish. I am the first one that hates when "WWE Style" limits great workers from the indies, features too many roll up & distraction finishes, and overall predictability. Nonetheless, don't we have to give the "WWE Style" credit for succeeding where NWA/WCW failed in still existing and for producing many 4-star matches with some legendary finishes that still are talked about decades later? 

I am not sure what you are asking but what I gleaned is this.  I can see why wrestlers back then didn’t like that, say, DDP wanted to plan out his match.  Many thought back then you should do things on the fly.  As a fan?  I don’t see why anyone would care.  The idea is to deliver a good match to the viewer.  As long as they do that, I don’t care if they call it on the fly or plan every spot out.  As for what I think you mean about WWE, yes as the business moved to being a TV product, it’s smart for the producer of the show to have an idea what is coming so that they can capture it for the viewer.

We don't know what Renee Young's next career move will be at the moment, but if she wanted to go to AEW after her no-compete period is up, they should absolutely bend over backwards and do all they can to get her in the mix.  The question is, with an already crowded announce desk and several excellent interviewers already signed, what role would Renee best fit in there?

If she wants to come in, you make her fit somehow.  But yes, I don’t see a natural spot unless they release someone from the announce desk.  I get the feeling that she scratched her wrestling itch and wants to try other things.  She lives near me in Las Vegas and LA is very close by.  If I had to guess, I would think she will be looking for other opportunities there. 

Granted they are a very new team, but is it a fair comparison to look at Shayna Bazler and Nia Jax as a modern-day version of the original Hart Foundation?  I see Shayna as the technician like Bret, and Nia as the powerhouse like Anvil.  It's a dynamic that works and if given an extended run as champs, they have the potential to have some very good matches against the right opposition.

Interesting observation.  I like it.  Let’s see where it goes.

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