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By Dave Scherer on 2020-09-08 10:00:00

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Do you think that it is time Tony Khan reigns in his talent?  Between the blood and dangerous spots that they keep doing, AEW is just begging for something really bad to happen, as we saw at the PPV with Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara.

Absolutely.  They do things on their shows that should never happen in a company owned by a billionaire.  There is way too much blood in the product, and I am wondering when someone is going to notice that TNT is allowing people to slice their heads with razor blades in 2020.  But even the Matt Hardy spot from the PPV (and other things that have happened in that feud) are just two dangerous.  When I saw them setting up that spot and how little the impact area on the table was, I got a bad feeling.  I know Khan is a fan, and I appreciate that, but he has to now realize he is also an owner and he has to be the voice of reason in the room.  A lot of wrestlers love doing the big spots.  Khan needs to protect them from themselves.  He also needs to cut back on the blood.  To have two big blood segments on the go-home show to a PPV is just excessive.

I heard Tony Khan's comments about Matt Hardy being cleared and if that is the case there is a glaring issue. The match is stopped for just a few minutes and he is cleared so why go straight to the finish unless you are concerned for his safety. But if you are that concerned for his safety after he was cleared why continue at all if you aren't going to complete that match in full?

You make a great point and I think you are right on the money.  If he was indeed fine, then do the actual match.  If he isn’t, just go to a no contest.  Frankly, even if Hardy cleared concussion protocol, the bump he took was sickening and the match should have just been stopped.  I think Khan made a mistake continuing it.

When Matt Hardy had that bad fall at the PPV why wouldn’t AEW have stopped the match.  With Matt’s history I am sure he has had a number of concussions in the past.  I thought AEW was a company that cared about its workers.  Seemed to me they cared more about the PPV.  Do you think they should have stopped the match even if Matt wanted to continue?  Better safe than sorry for someone of his age and they could have made a good angle about it for a match later.

I wouldn’t have cared what Matt said at that point. His head slammed into concrete.  It should be a no brainer, stop the match.  With that said, I do think Khan cares about his wrestlers.  I just think in the heat of the moment he made the wrong call.  I think, or at least hope, he learns from it.

Do you think it was as tasteless and downright stupid for AEW to take a shot at WWE over video game streaming just moments after the Hardy incident as I did?

I didn’t even think of it until you mentioned it.

Do you know if the syringe used was gimmicked in any way?(obviously wasn't filled with novocaine) I'm curious because getting stabbed with an empty syringe can cause a fatal air embolism and seemed like a pointless and dangerous spot when they barely touched on her leg being asleep she got hit and put to sleep with the gas instead?

I didn’t ask but I am sure it was a prop, like the knives they use in movies that have retractable blades.  I would think all involved would know what you do about using an empty syringe.

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