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By Mike Johnson on 2020-09-05 22:12:00

Matt Hardy has been taken to a local hospital after getting hurt taking a spear off an elevated platform through a table during AEW All Out, a spot that saw Sammy Guevara and Hardy overshoot the table and Hardy slam down hard on the concrete with Guevara landing atop of him.  We are told it's a precautionary measure to have him checked out and possibly get an MRI to evaluate any possible injury.

Hardy was obviously out on his feet, leading to the bout to be stopped temporarily before resuming and going right to the scheduled finish.

AEW announcers stated during the FTR vs. Adam Page and Kenny Omega match that the bout continued as Hardy was cleared by AEW's head of medical, Dr. Doc Sampson.  

Hardy's wife Rebecca was openly furious about the situation on her social media.


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