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By Dave Scherer on 2020-09-07 10:02:00

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Do you see AEW adding a women’s tag team championship? It sure seems like they’re building female tag teams.

Down the road I could see it.  I think they need to strengthen the division more first.  WWE has a lot of top women’s talent.  AEW is still building that up.  I am a big believe of only adding championships if they mean something.

I’m not a huge fan of Raw Underground. I don’t really get the point - there’s really no “goal” - not money, not titles - so I’m not sure why, as a fan, I’m supposed to care. What do you think about Shelton Benjamin bringing the 24/7 Championship to Raw Underground and repurposing that belt? I mean, the 24/7 title gimmick has run it’s course.

I am with you, what IS the point, other than to show that is where people really fight and the ring is where they don’t.  I wouldn’t have an issue with Shelton doing it as long as they rename it and take the comedy stipulation out of play.  A Title would at least give it a reason for existing.

Redemption has sure fizzled. My initial thought was they needed a “name” attached to the group to make it believable. Paul Heyman actually came to mind, because it fits his anti-establishment persona, and you could fill the group with lesser known talent and *he* would bring them credibility. But, now he’s back. What do you think about Wade Barrett? He manages to get a contract with WWE as a commentator and, swerve, he’s the leader of Redemption and now they can’t get rid of him. Or do you see this group fading away like the hackers?

I think it has stunk from the start and it should just go away.  I wouldn’t attach a good name to it because I think it would bring that person down, not elevate the group.  To me, they are like the Dark Order.  I just don’t care about them.

I guess there are a lot of fans happy Roman was turned heel, but I’m scratching my head. WWE tried to get him over as a face for years, essentially unsuccessfully. Then, and unfortunately due to his cancer, he *actually* gets over and has a solid year long run as a baby face. So *now* they decide to turn him? I guess we’ll see what happens, but do you understand the logic, and do you think this is in any way a punishment for leaving before Wrestlemania?

They gave him the Title so it’s not punishment.  But I don’t get it either, he was one of the few talents they have that is a legitimate babyface, not to mention a great representative of the company.  My only guess is that they wanted to turn The Fiend face to sell more merchandise but yeah, like you I don’t get it.

Now that NXT UK is taping again, and assuming WWE will be using Jordan Devlin moving forward, what do you think about Devlin continuing to defend his NXT Cruiserweight Championship on NXT UK, while Santos Escobar continues to defend his NXT Cruiserweight Championship in the US? Maybe WWE continues with two Cruiserweight titles - one for each brand - and forgets the “interim champion” storyline (which they’ve essentially done anyway), or maybe they go back to it in the future and have the current champions face off in a unification match at the next Worlds Collide special (whenever that may be). Thoughts?

I like that idea.  Devlin never lost so I like the idea of having two champions and eventually they face off to determine the real champ.

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