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By Mike Johnson on 2020-09-04 10:00:00

It may be too late for this one, but do you see a clean finish in the Hikaru Shida/Thunder Rosa match at All Out? I can see a situation where the match is eventually spoiled by Ivelisse and Diamante (or Anna Jay and Tay Conti) leading to Shida and Rosa ultimately working a tag match together at All Out? 

I think it needs to be a clean finish.  The scenario you describe is such a completely overdone deal that I think any fan who is invested in seeing Shida and Rosa tear it up would be sorely disgruntled and I don't see Tony Khan wanting that for his audience.

If WWE performers are independent contractors and not WWE employees how come they have to submit to drug tests like for smoking pot for instance?

It's part of the agreement they made as independent contractors.  If they don't want to abide by those terms, they don't have to work for WWE.  No one forces them to sign the deal, but once they do, they have made the decision to go by WWE's terms and conditions.

I once read that before a match that called for blading, the wrestler(s) would take asprin. Why is this, and do they still do it?

Wrestlers would take aspirin before the match because it would thin the blood and give them "more flow" so to speak.  On the occasions that wrestlers do blade, I could see some of them still following the practice but I can't think of anyone offhand that I know for sure still does it.

I was watching the Legacy of Stone Cold Steve Austin and there is a segment with Terry Funk and Austin on Shotgun Saturday night from 1997.  The venue looked like more or less a bar with a smaller ring than usual and I was surprised to see WWF/E running in a venue like this even in '97.  Was this typical of Shotgun Saturday Night?  Or do you know if in this instance it was just kind of a promotional thing since, by the sounds of the commentary team, the Royal Rumble was the next night and they were playing a smaller venue in the same city?

The original Shotgun Saturday Night concept featured WWF running a syndicated live series from small, intimate clubs and venues in the New York City area including The Limelight, Webster Hall and the All-Star Cafe, which was a sports themed restaurant that later became a Planet Hollywood location.  The concept lasted about two months before WWE abandoned it for matches taped prior to Raw broadcasts.  In the midst of the club concept, WWF was in San Antonio, Texas the night before a Royal Rumble PPV, so they ran a small country western bar.   That is where the Terry Funk confrontation took place.

Whatever happened to Glamour Boy Shane?

My guess is he's living in Florida or Puerto Rico.  I haven't heard about him being involved in professional wrestling in a long time.

How come on the DVD 'The Rise and Fall of ECW's, ome of the old ECW people like Joey Styles, Shane Douglas, Raven, Tod Gordon, Sabu and Sandman arent featured in interviews when they all had major parts in building the old ECW?

They weren't under contract to WWE at the time and the company didn't seek them out.  


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