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By Mike Johnson on 2020-09-02 19:02:00

Several days ago, Major League Wrestling's Court Bauer announced they would return to production with new in-ring content this Fall, debuting in November. has confirmed that once MLW returns to TV, the series will likely have a new name and will not longer debut on Saturdays on BeIN Sport.  The plan is for new episodes to debut in a primetime slot during the week (the day is not yet confirmed) debuting first on the Fubo Sports Network, which is available for free across a number of platforms and devices, including their the Fubo TV streaming service and Pluto TV.

MLW will remain on BeIN Sport, but that broadcast will effectively be a replay of the episode that debuts on Fubo TV.

MLW will also be moving forward with original content and specials for the DAZN streaming service.  DAZN will be adding what we are told if a "significant" amount of MLW's library to the service as well.

The idea here is to try and get the promotion on as many platforms as possible to allow accessibility to the promotion.  There is a feeling within the company that that streaming platforms are better suited and supportive to professional wrestling and experimenting with different concepts and ideas vs. television outlets, which are far more set in their ways.

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