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By Mike Johnson on 2020-08-31 19:44:00

Mauro Ranallo, who had been the lead announcer for WWE NXT, has finished with World Wrestling Entertainment. is told that Ranallo finished with the company at some point over the last several weeks with one source believing the departure happened shortly after Takeover XXX.  When asked why Ranallo had missed that event during a post-show media call, Paul Levesque stated that Ranallo wasn't available for the show.

I should note there had been word internally within the company that Ranallo was leaving and/or was done over the last week but details were hard to come by.

On his Facebook page, Ranallo confirmed his departure, writing, "I appreciate the opportunity I had to realize my childhood dream of working in sports entertainment, and I wish WWE well in the future. Now I want to direct my focus and devote my time to my other projects and to my mental health charitable activities and the well-being of my mother and myself.” 

Ranallo's statement then asked those reading to learn more about his mental health journey by watching the Showtime documentary Bipolar Rock N' Roller.

Unlike most of the announcers working for WWE, Ranallo remained a true independent contractor, which is why he was able to maintain his announcing duties in other combat sports areas, including Showtime Boxing and BELLATOR MMA.  One would think that will be his focus going forward, although he would certainly get attention from other wrestling companies.

Ranallo, 50, was the voice of the Cruiserweight Classic and the lead announcer for WWE Smackdown before moving to WWE NXT.

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