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By Mike Johnson on 2020-08-31 15:50:00

Former WWE and UFC Champion Brock Lesnar is currently a free agent as his most recent deal with World Wrestling Entertainment has expired without the two sides locking in a new contract, has confirmed.

While the two sides have been working on a new deal, they have hit an impasse and have paused discussions.  This leaves Lesnar on the open market where he could, if he desires, field offers from outside WWE, whether it be AEW or other wrestling promotions, UFC, or even outside endeavors beyond combat sports.

Lesnar's contract lapsing before he and WWE lock in a new deal is not something unique to this situation as it has happened before in the past, but this would be his longest hiatus to date from the company during the negotiating process.  In recent years, Lesnar would traditionally take time off from WWE following Wrestlemania but would return to action by the summer, working Summerslam or other PPV events timed for that quarter of the year.  This time, however, that has not happened, and the two sides have yet to lock in a new contract.

Since Lesnar's deal has expired and there is no new deal currently in sight, WWE has pulled all Lesnar merchandise off their website and it is no longer available to for sale

Lesnar last appeared at Wrestlemania 36, losing the WWE Championship to Drew McIntyre.  Lesnar had toyed with returning to UFC in 2019 to potentially face the recently retired Daniel Cormier, but opted not to pursue a return to MMA at that time.

Lesnar is still listed on WWE's website as an active member of the Raw roster.

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