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By Dave Scherer on 2020-09-01 10:00:00

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I don't know if you addressed this yet or if it was mentioned on Raw but shouldn't Kevin Owens be upset that Shane O'Mac is back? When was the last time in wrestling any organization explained how someone fired logically came and got their job back? Now that I think about it, they can say the whole Underground theme keeps it off the books so he doesn't need the job back. I guess I should've thought about that when I sent the question but thanks anyway.  No need to answer it lol.

Yeah, they could say that. They could say he is not wrestling.  Or they could what they usually do and ignore it altogether!  It’s such bad storytelling but what can you do.

Do you think any of the wrestlers are pissed that they've busted their butts all summer in a basically empty arena and now that they have "fans" Vince's reason for an orgasm Roman Reigns returns right where he walked out, the Universal Title picture?

So you are saying that the fellow wrestlers should be mad a guy that is a two time cancer survivor and is universally respected because he chose to put his family first when the virus was completely unknown?  If they were, they are toolboxes, just like any fan that feels that way.  That is a truly scummy way to think.

Chris Jericho regularly tweets about wearing a mask, yet he knowingly performed indoors in front of an anti-mask crowd in Sturgis, at a time when no other big-name musician or band is doing so.  He is also known to not have taken the virus seriously before.  His personal views are what they are, but does this reflect poorly on AEW or Tony Khan, since Jericho is a representative of the company?  Is it hypocritical of Khan, or does it show favouritism towards Jericho, for Khan to not reprimand Jericho and let him perform on Dynamite several days after his Sturgis show, even though Jericho did test negative?

I think that if you feel that way, you have a great basis for your argument.  I agree with you, for Jericho to go play that small show just seemed like an unnecessary risk to me.  But others would say he was “living his life”.  It depends on where you stand I guess.  As for Khan, if it were me I would have told Jericho to take two weeks off after doing that show.

My question is regarding Impact, with them now having their own streaming service, wouldn’t it make sense and help bring in more subscribers  to stream some of their big PPVs on their as well?

If they could sell them, sure.  I believe their PPV deal precludes that, like AEW’s does.  I would have to see their numbers to tell you if it would make sense to pull them from PPV and make them a part of their streaming service.

I see the WWE network has a new series called Timeline.  Do you think a good episode of this would be if they can get Vince McMahon to talk in detail about how he went national in 83/84?  I know in past DVD’s they’ve touched on it, but I’d really like to hear a detailed background on it.  How negotiations went, who he targeted first, why did he go after the talent that he did in the early going.  I think it would be interesting to hear.

I think it would be an awesome, must see show.  I also don’t see him doing it since he hasn’t shown a lot of inclination to do that kind of inside stuff.

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