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By Dave Scherer on 2020-08-30 10:00:00

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What do you think of the Hurt Business?  To me, they’re really making the most of the opportunities they get on air in terms of ring work and MVP is delivering some great promos.  

I always liked Bobby Lashley and think he has been underused big time in WWE.  Putting him with MVP was a good move to speak for him and let Bobby be silent but violent.  They have a lot in Lashley if they book him as a monster.  MVP can definitely be a part of that.

Ryback said in an interview that Triple H told him that John Cena will be the last marquee star in WWE ever. Seemingly they have no interest in making  someone getting “too big for the company” in the future. If this is true, what sense does it make?

It’s a Vince McMahon decision.  He wants the top star to be the WWE brand because the brand will never leave for greener pastures.  With that said, they will push people like Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins to the top of the card, but certainly not in the Superman way that they pushed Cena.  Still, I think what I would glean from what Ryback said was that the company had no intention of pushing him to the top of the card.

If Vince McMahon had the same line of thinking in the 90s as he does now do you think the Rock and Steve Austin would have been big stars? Would Austin get buried for getting over with the Austin 3:16 promo when that wasn’t the plan? Would he have kept Rocky Maivia a smiling babyface despite the boos? Would WWE still be alive today? 

It’s no secret that the Attitude Era happened because the WWF was losing to WCW and Vince had to leave his comfort zone and present a product outside of what he was giving the fans at that time.  It’s hard to say what would have happened if he didn’t.  I definitely think the Rock would have found a way to break out because all he needed was a mic in his hand to get over (and they didn’t over-script people back then).  Given that Austin started breaking out as a heel in his feud with Bret Hart, which was basic pro wrestling, I think he would have gotten over too.  But would he have had the Attitude Era?  Hard to say.

With Karrion Kross out for the forseeable future, what should they do with Scarlett? She is absolutely incredible and it would be a shame for her to miss so much time if the reason is they can't find anything else to do with her.

I think they should just keep her with Kross and wait until he get back.  She is absolutely amazing, I agree.  She is also an integral part of the act with Kross and I would no dilute her by putting her with someone else.

On there was a clip from after the SS Sonya v Mandy match where a reporter caught Sonya in the hall to ask basically how do you feel? But she responded with an interesting "line". Sonya said "do not call me that ever again". The link is below for you to see it. What are your thoughts on that verbiage? Wouldn't it be more like "leave me alone" or "don't say HER name again (mandy)" or even "bye now" but instead she said the above.

She is still signed with WWE and is expected to return down the line.  My guess is that when she does, she will come back under her real name, hence that footage being shot to air later.

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