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By Mike Johnson on 2020-08-28 10:00:00

Think there's a chance we could see more Sunday Night Heat on WWE Network before the year is up? (Or even early next year?) 

It's certainly within the realm of possibility.  If we are talking the next six months, one would think the Heat library would be one of the easiest for WWE legal to clear to be uploaded.

Do you think WWE will put that pulled Bret Hart material back on the WWE Network?

Yes, if and when they come to terms with Hart on the Stampede library content, i.e. pay him a big sum because I don't believe Bret will let that material go without the company making it more than worth his while.

I was surprised to see Thunder Rosa appearing on AEW challenging Hikaru Shida. Since NWA is currently in limbo for the foreseeable future, do you think that AEW will be some sort of temporary hub for NWA talent to survive until Billy Corgan can figure out a new plan? It would be a great act of goodwill on Tony Khan's part to help out during the pandemic, even if NWA is still technically a competitor.

I think it is more likely the United Wrestling Network PPVs will be the type of hub you are talking about, especially since Nick Aldis will be involved in the booking of those events.   I believe the agreement between AEW and the NWA for Thunder Rose was just a one time (for now) agreement specifically for AEW using her.  It could always grow into something more but I don't see AEW ever wanting to promote another brand heavily and regularly on their TV series.  I don't believe it was done as an act of goodwill, but as a means to an end to give Hikaru Shida a great, unique opponent.

With WWE going live on Friday and Mondays, how does the WWE staff handle that?

They work both shows.  My guess is they either fly in Thursday and fly out Tuesday or they go back and forth if they are local to Florida.

Do you think we get back to live crowds in WWE arena before the end of the year since AEW has fans?

No.  AEW has a few hundred in an outdoor venue.  WWE won't have fans indoors anytime soon in my opinion.

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