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By Dave Scherer on 2020-08-26 10:00:00

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Why did WWE continually show the kick that Randy Orton threw at Drew McIntyre that missed by a mile?  It looked bad in real time and even worse on the replay (and all the replays that followed).  Why didn’t Kevin Dunn realize that the spot got blown and stop showing it over and over?

Man, I have no idea.  It was so bad and every time they showed it after the fact it looked worse and worse.  Maybe it was due to the fact that Vince McMahon was rewriting the show as it was happening and the chaos just got the better of TV production.  It was definitely not one of their finer moments.

I see people constantly talking about how great AEW is doing.  I remember TNA breaking 2 million viewers a few years ago.  AEW has only broken a million a few times.  Am I missing something?

No, you aren’t.  Impact did draw those large audiences, almost a decade ago.  They were never the darling of many in the media that AEW is, but they did draw pretty well for a while.  With that said, it was a different time.  If they could get 2 million viewers now, it would be quite the accomplishment.  With that said, AEW is doing very well in today’s environment, as viewership habits have changed.  Everything is relative.

Why does WWE always screw up everyone who comes up from NXT? Baszler was a badass who was champ for 13 months and now she’s a nobody on the roster. Now they debut Keith Lee who was NXT big star and have him interrupt Orton the wrestle him in a 4 min match where McIntyre interferes and Lee leaves so now he’s just another person instead of being a star. Matt Riddle debuted lost to Styles now he’s a nobody on SmackDown. 

They do that because once those stars leave NXT, they go from being what HHH sees to what Vince McMahon sees.  Like you, I like what HHH sees better.  I don’t think Lee is done yet, since he was doing really well with Randy Orton before Drew came out (which made sense in the storyline).  Baszler saying she would team with Nia if it meant Nia would leave her alone?  Yeah, that would never happen in NXT (and shouldn’t happen in WWE).

Keith Lee now wears a shirt, shorts that look like a skirt, and has new generic guitar music rather than his usual unique theme with catchy rap lyrics.  Are these changes a direct result of Vince McMahon basically looking at him and saying "give him a shirt and new music?"  We all know that Vince likes to put his spin on things when wrestlers move to the main roster, but regarding Lee, who really didn't need any tweaking at all, what do you think of these changes?

Yep, it’s all Vince.  

Does WWE think its fans are stupid? They tell us there will be a Triple Threat at Payback with Fiend vs. Braun vs. Roman as a No Holds Barred. Aren't Triple Threat Matches inherently No Holds Barred?

Given some of the storylines they give us, you could definitely make the argument that they don’t think overly highly of our intelligence.

Since the tag line for Summerslam this year was "You'll never see it coming", could the tag line for Payback be "You'll forget it's even happening?" I mean, a week between PPVs/Network Events is a bit much. (Except for maybe the hardest of the hardcore fans and even though the PPVs are not as painfully long as they used to be.)

From a fan perspective, oh yeah you could use that tagline for sure.

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