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By Mike Johnson on 2020-08-24 14:12:00

As WWE announced last night, Keith Lee will be debuting on the Raw brand.  He has been officially called up and we are told the plan is to present him as one of the brand's top babyfaces going forward. 

WWE has moved Sonya Deville to their Alumni section of their website.

WWE's website also ran a story acknowledging Renee Young's departure.

Samoa Joe is voicing DC Comics character King Shark in the forthcoming video game Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.  The trailer for the game is below. Thanks to Curtis Willard!

There was a John Cena reference on HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver last night as Oliver pointed out they are both the same age but that Cena looks like a physical machine and he (Oliver) is in terrible shape.  Oliver also made WWE reference, poking fun of an actor who was portrayed as "Foreman Mike Furey" by those trying to raise money as part of a video for the "We Build A Wall"  fundraising campaign that recently led to a number of criminal indictments for alleged misuse of funds.  Oliver joked that he came off like a WWE character.

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