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By Kendall Jenkins on 2020-08-23 15:45:00

Alexa Bliss is no stranger to the wrestling limelight. Having signed with WWE in 2013, she won her first women's title only a few months after making her main roster debut in July 2016. As with any career the past four years have brought ups and downs, including a lengthy injury layoff in 2018/19, though multiple women's championships won during stints on both Raw and Smackdown pointed to a true superstar in the making.

Without doubt, if you were a betting person there was one main rule to follow in these four years; "always bet on Bliss". Even when not part of in-ring competition she captured the spotlight through interview segments and as a manager to other wrestlers. It was this magnetic charisma that eventually led to her becoming involved in the ongoing feud between Universal Champion Braun Strowman and challenger Bray Wyatt, a curious rivalry that started not long after Strowman first won the main title at Wrestlemania back in April.

Bliss' involvement in one of WWE's top headline feuds speaks volumes in itself, a clear sign of the confidence management has in her talent, but even more impressive is how adeptly Bliss has taken to it. She has found herself literally caught between two dominant competitors and taken physical 'bumps' in addition to further utilising her charismatic acting to boost the rivalry. If fans didn't think she was among the company's top performers before, they certainly do now.

With this feud culminating at Summerslam (typically WWE's second biggest annual event after Wrestlemania) as one of the co-main events and possibly continuing on even further, Alexa Bliss finds herself in what is a rare slot for female wrestlers as a sustained part of the world championship picture. Even some past legends of the business did not find themselves in such a prominent position. Those that did were not only talented in-ring performers in their own right, but made fine companions to great champions in an on-screen management capacity.

Indeed many have made successful careers out of management alone; Miss Elizabeth comes to mind for her famous pairing alongside 'Macho Man' Randy Savage. Bliss, though, has proven she has the talent to succeed both in the ring and outside of it due to her 2018 injury. Not many in this business see their value rise further despite not wrestling often, yet this superstar has done exactly that and she shows no sign of slowing down.

It would appear due to the nature and direction of the current storyline that WWE is testing the waters for a possible Bliss-Wyatt team up. While it sounds unconventional, even ludicrous on paper considering Bray Wyatt's character, if anyone can make it work it's surely going to be Alexa Bliss, who also played a more eccentric version of her character in her early days on the main roster.

Should it happen, watch out for this duo not only for their chemistry and charisma together, but their highly entertaining in-ring performances as a possible tag team and in singles competition. Furthermore, it seems inevitable that Bliss will find her way back into the women's championship scene before long, with this exact storyline likely providing the springboard she needs to become a six-time champion.

You'll want to keep this in mind if you're looking to get ahead in betting on future matches; Alexa Bliss' winning streak can only get hotter in the coming months. There are some great new websites offering good wrestling odds so you'll want to get reliable information about new casinos while you can. Always bet on Bliss may turn out to be more than just a fancy slogan in the next few months and smart insiders will all be in on the action.

Ultimately, this unique storyline between Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt can only help propel Bliss' rise to stardom more than ever. Could she become one of the top female wrestlers of all time from here? Absolutely. Many would argue she already has.

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