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By Dave Scherer on 2020-08-25 10:01:00

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Recently I was thinking about how Rusev is out of WWE and Lana is still there, obviously meaning they had separate contracts.  So I was wondering has WWE ever brought in 2 people under one contract that you know of - whether through marriage or even notoriety of a tag team - examples might be Macho/Liz, Hawk/Animal, Maria & Mike?  So if one got fired, they both would, if one gets a raise its for both, etc?

I remember people coming in at the same rates, in tag teams, for sure.  I can’t remember any tandem being signed to one contract, but don’t hold me to that.

Recently Mike mentioned in an answer to a reader whether WWE could get an Emmy or Golden Globe etc?  While I could see either giving some sort of special award for longest running episodic TV series or even to Vince McMahon perhaps after his death for the amount of work he did in TV I don't ever see say Sasha Banks up for best supporting actress in a TV series.  So I am wondering would and why would WWE be interested in this?

I think if the Emmys or Globes wanted to give Vince a lifetime achievement award they would take it.  I am with you, I don’t see them getting the kind of awards that you mentioned.  No offense to the talent but the acting in WWE isn’t better than the regular nominees.

Has AEW changed, for better or worse, in your opinion?  I listen to a lot of Jim Cornette, and during AEW’s inception there was a lot he praised and a lot he buried, but after Double or Nothing 2, he pretty much wholly buries AEW.  My personal opinion is after Revolution, there were no angles that felt must see to me like Cody/MJF, Cody/Jericho, Mox/Jericho or Mox/Omega.  Cody’s feud with Lance Archer didn’t interest me and Jon Moxley has been defending the title against midcard heaters and a would be main eventer in Brian Cage (but not a main eventer yet), and that doesn’t interest me either.  That’s my opinion, we all know Jim Cornette’s opinion, so I’ll go back to the question, do you think AEW has changed for better or worse?

I am going to say both.  At first, I wasn’t overly impressed by what they were doing.  It was OK to me.  Then a few months in, it got really good.  For a while it was my favorite weekly show.  Then about a month ago, it seemed to lose its way a bit for me.  The last month of shows haven’t been as good as they had been.

Besides live PPVs, what do you guys watch on the WWE Network?

I watch NXT and 205 live.  I also check out some of the other content, like the Undertaker series and the Broken Skull Sessions.

Out of all the former WWE wrestlers that have recently shown up in AEW or Impact Wrestling, who do you feel WWE dropped the ball on the most and who do you expect to still flounder even with the change in scenery?

The one that they dropped the ball the most with is EC3.  He could have been something in WWE and they just wasted him.  I think FTR has the best chance of making the most of their new home since AEW actually pushes tag teams and WWE doesn’t.

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