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By Dave Scherer on 2020-08-24 10:00:00

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Jim Ross briefly discussed the subject of D-Lo Brown and Droz's injury on a recent podcast.  Even though it was an accident, was D-Lo's career trajectory hindered by the fact that he was the cause of Droz's paralysis?  Or did D-Lo, who never rose to main event level, get as far in his career as his talent would have taken him, regardless of the accident?

I never saw D-Lo as being a main event talent, even before the incident.  He was a solid hand and I think that is how he was used.  It’s not an insult either, most talents that come into the business won’t be main event level guys.  They are few and far between.

What was AJ Styles problem with Paul Heyman?

AJ has said publicly that his is issue with Heyman is that he feels his a liar and can’t be trusted.

When AEW was first announced, I was excited about being able to see Kenny Omega. I had seen a lot of matches from New Japan and had high hopes. Now, I find him extraordinarily ordinary. It seems like he was made to look better than he actually is because of the caliber of talent in NJPW. Thoughts on Omega’s run so far?

From what I have seen of him in NJPW, he was definitely presented more effectively there than he has been in AEW.  They booked him better and minimized some of the things that, as you said, makes him look ordinary, or even goofy.  I think he has been very good at times in AEW and not so much in others.  One thing about him that I have never liked is the overacting he does.  If The Rock does it, fine, he’s The Rock.  But Kenny is supposed to be a serious wrestler, at least that is my take on what he should be.  I would love to see the NJ Kenny full time in AEW.

Curious to know your thoughts on the Rollins/Mysterio kendo stick incidents. That looked brutal and the aftermath photos of Dominic was just awful to look at. I get what they were trying to do, but to me that was a bit much.

I am with you.  I get that they wanted to show Dom was tough but the idea of the business is to be a work, not take an actual beating. I definitely think they overdid it.  There was some nasty bruising from the shots and to me, it’s not working when you actually beat someone.

WWE Thunderdome, a great idea or a waste of money?  WWE seems to be more profitable by not traveling, lowering production costs, not leasing arenas.  Will leasing a nearby arena and increasing production really bump up the ratings? I thought the wrestling and great storylines is what keeps the viewers.  Sure the new concept might have more eyes on it for the first episode but nothing beyond that.

I think it was the right move, even if it doesn’t push the needle ratings-wise.  WWE is a TV product and their programs had become dull, drab and routine.  They needed to do something to spice them up, especially as mainstream sports came back and did much better presentations than WWE did.  Thunderdome is a cool set and concept to me.  But yes, good storylines are the most important thing.  You hook fans with those, they will tune in.

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