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By Dave Scherer on 2020-08-23 10:00:00

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Triple H said they will continue to host NXT events at Full Sail.  I am writing this before Smackdown airs so we will see how the Thunderdome concept turns out, but if all goes well and it is a great success, why would they not start to hold NXT events at the Thunderdome if it significantly enhances the product, compared to evens held in the Performance Centre or Full Sail?

He answered that on the conference call.  He said that their relationship with Full Sail is more important to them than being in Thunderdome.  Personally, I think it makes NXT look clearly like a third brand.  They could easily fix that by creating a Thunderdome concept at Full Sail.  I think that is what they should do.

How is women's wrestling in the WWE Women's Evolution Era different from the Divas Era where the matches were basically hair-pulling and slaps?


I don’t understand.  Why would Impact let EC3 work for ROH and maybe get hurt?

Because all of the involved parties are in agreement on it.  Gallows and Anderson plan to work for New Japan.  Jon Moxley too.  ROH has used talents that work elsewhere, especially New Japan, in the past.  They are doing it because they feel it makes sense and I agree with them.

Regarding the six documentaries that were pulled, was Bret Hart screwed by the WWE Network?

If you mean screwed because they pulled them?  I don’t think so.  If you mean screwed because they used the footage he owns without permission or payment being made?  That may very well be the case.

As Renee Young departs WWE, we can all agree she had an incredible run as an interviewer and announcer.  Should she stay on good terms with WWE, I could even see her as a Hall of Famer sooner than her husband.  (That’s not a knock on Jon, but a credit to her accomplishments.)  She even managed to do the one thing Michael Cole hasn’t done: Get over with the fans! In the ranks of all-time greats, I say she is up there on the same level as Tony Schiavone, Bob Caudle, and even Gene Okerlund.  Would you agree with that? Where would you rank her personally?

I am not big on ranking people.  She did a great job and should be proud of all she accomplished.  Also, I think WWE really dropped the ball with her.  She had so much to offer and they were hardly using her.  I don’t blame her for leaving.

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