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By Mike Johnson on 2020-08-18 10:37:00

The WWE Network may soon revive Talking Smack, which was canceled in July 2017, has confirmed.  The revival may be as soon as later this month.

Talking Smack, which aired on the WWE Network on Fridays following Smackdown, featured a lot of great character and promo work from different Smackdown roster performers at the time, including Kevin Owens and Alexa Bliss as well as Daniel Bryan and Renee Young doing a great job hosting.  The plan, at the time of cancellation back in 2017, was to use Talking Smack exclusively as a post-PPV broadcast, but that concept quietly faded away as well.  During its original lifespan, Talking Smack was extremely popular with online fans.

WWE revived Raw Talk earlier this year to follow Monday Night Raw on both the free and paid tiers of the WWE Network. 

There has been talk of reviving Talking Smack as far back as January 2020 internally, is told, but the company has not pulled the trigger.  Now, it appears that time is closer than ever.  Stay tuned.

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