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By Mike Johnson on 2020-08-27 10:00:00

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I saw your audio about Shane Douglas tossing the NWA title today and obviously that was a surprise, but did anyone know he was winning the tournament?  Looking at the lineup, you'd think Chris Benoit would have been the guy.  Just made me wonder.

I remember hearing at the ECW Arena event a month before that Shane was winning the tournament, but obviously plans could have changed at any point.  I know Dennis Corraluzzo did push for Benoit to win, but the decision was made to go with Douglas, something the NWA obviously wouldn't have agreed to if they knew what was going to happen next.

Whatever happened to the former WWE stars appealing the concussion lawsuit?

There was a hearing on 6/5 in Conneticut where the attorney representing those talents argued as to why the case should be allowed to continue with the original ruling throwing it out reversed.  WWE's attorneys argued as to why the case should remain tossed out.  The court has yet to make a final determination as of this writing.

Do you think King Kong Bundy, Ivan Koloff and Kamala would be in the WWE Hall of Fame if it wasn't for that lawsuit?

Honestly, I don't think there's any real way to tell whether they'd have been inducted by now or not.  The time to put Ivan in was the same year Bruno Sammartino went in and they chose not to do so.  I've noted Bundy and Kamala should have been in, but there are times where WWE opts not to do inductions, even when it's obvious that the health of some talents are starting to fail - such as Kamala and Vader.  It is what it is, but to me personally, it's a shame that there was a chance to have those talents tell their stories on stage in front of their families and their fans and those moments are lost.

Do you think WWE will just push the 2020 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony to 2021 and do it then?

Do you think WWE will have fans in buildings by then?  I would not assume anything given the way the United States has handled the pandemic to date.

Whatever happened to WWN launching after selling EVOLVE off to WWE?

They are still working on plans, but obviously, relaunching in this environment is going to be a dicey proposition, so they are taking their time.  The last I heard, they were still planning to resume FIP, ACW, SHINE and create a few other new branded events, live streaming them from Florida via the subscription site.

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