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By Dave Scherer on 2020-08-19 10:00:00

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A question that I would like Mr Dave Scherer to answer. Do you have an issue with people who have the ability to sweat? I ask this as very time somebody asks a question or the topic of discussion is Shane McMcMahon you find the need to insult him because he sweats. Is there any great need for this childish behaviour? Does this make you feel good? The man sweats, big whoop. Grow up and stop been an a******.

I have a news flash for you, almost everyone has the ability to sweat.  It’s not a talent or anything.  Here’s the thing, when Shane was young he was never the open fire hydrant that he is now.  Sweating profusely from just walking to the ring is not a normal thing so it’s worthy of comment.  As for growing up, you wrote a person that has no idea who you are and acted like a child.  I think I will seek out someone smarter and more grounded than you for advice on the maturation process.

Is there any worry that during Raw Underground, one of the fighters will slip on a pool of Shane McMahon’s sweat, fall and break his ankle?

Watch out, the guy above will call you names for saying that.  And yes, I think there is a concern there.  Shane should stand inside a keg tub during his segments.

I just watched the Fabulous Moolah Dark Side of the Ring episode.  I recall Moolah being widely beloved during the Attitude Era, just as beloved as Mae Young.  Why have all the allegations and negativity against her only recently surfaced, at a time many years after her death?  There was plenty of time to bring these issues to light when she was alive and able to respond and defend herself.

I think you answered your own questions, it’s really easy to attack someone that can’t defend themselves and paint the narrative however you choose to.  Luckily for the memory of Moolah, many of her contemporaries have stepped up to defend her good name.

Does WWE not know how to finish similar storylines decades later? First GTV was never revealed and now the Smackdown Hacker.  I'm hoping maybe Retribution could have been behind the Smackdown Hacker but I doubt it.

They know how to, at least in a basic sense.  It’s just that sometimes they choose not to.  It’s definitely a lack of attention to detail to start storylines and just drop them, but that’s what they do.  Personally, I think it’s insulting to the viewer who wants to invest their time in the product.

In addition to the horribly booked Sasha Banks title win you discussed in a recent Q&A, they are now calling Bayley's attack on Kairi Sane a "career ending injury."  I get that they had to write Kairi off TV due to her departure, but at a time where we have seen in recent months a guy drowned in a swamp, an eyeball poked out, and several men thrown off the top of a building, does it make Kairi's "career ending" beating by Bayley, of which the most violent part was Kairi being thrown into a garage door, seem a very tame and unbelievable way of making us believe someone's career is over?

Honestly, I don’t even think they worry about what they want us to believe anymore.  They just throw it out there and move on.  I mean, AJ and Braun should be dead, and there they are on TV.  They don’t explain it, and we are supposed to forget about it.  It’s really poor quality control.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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