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By Dave Scherer on 2020-08-18 10:00:00

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What's the status of Cain Velasquez?  Is he still under contract with WWE?  What was the point of bringing him in just to job him out to Brock Lesnar in the dominant manner they did, and never be seen again?  

They released him earlier this year.  What was the point?  They thought he would be a draw for Smackdown I would guess.

Why didn't Dynamite just move over to TBS or TruTV for the schedule changes on TNT for those particular weeks? 

That wasn’t what TNT wanted to do.  My guess is that they wanted to keep the rating numbers on TNT rather than have them go to another one of their networks.  It will be interesting to see how they draw on an off night, and up against NXT Takeover.

Let’s say Jim Cornette and the Iron Sheik both get riled up enough to get in a shouting match against each other.  Who wins that?

I think it would have to be a matter of personal taste and what you like in an insult fest.  I could see that being super entertaining.

I know WWE can do whatever they want with talent and likenesses but do you find it kinda crappy that they are giving Chyna a replica belt when they all but buried her in the DX HOF spot? She was deserving of her own HOF spot. I guess they wouldn't have made money off that.

I think it was more a matter of being concerned what Chyna would leading up to the event and also what would happen if she had a live mic in her hand at the Hall itself.  I can’t say I blame them in that regard.  She had her issues at times.

There are a ton of wrestling dynasties in North America, like the Harts, Anoa'i's, Guerreros, Rhodes, Von Erichs, etc. Are there any equivalent wrestling family dynasties in, say, Japan or Europe that could compare to them?

The one that comes to mind is Paige’s family, the Knights, in the UK.

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