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By Dave Scherer on 2020-08-17 10:00:00

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What do you think is the most enjoyable wrestling show on right now?  One where the time flies by and you look forward to watching each week.

Up until three weeks ago it was easily AEW.  The shows had been really good until then.  The last three weeks?  Not so much, so NXT is back in the favorite show slot for me.

Why does AEW put the spotlight on the mess ups with replays?  Months ago was the Dark Order punches, and tonight they just replayed the botched chairshot to Matt Hardy.

That’s a good question, my guess is that it’s growing pains of a newish company.  I know the chairshot Matt took was edited out because someone who watched it on demand told me it was gone.  AEW has been doing weekly TV for less than a year so it’s probably just growing pains.

Just a thought, but WWE's social media team announced ahead of time  that a new faction would debut on RAW to create havoc. Two days later, it was WWE's social media team who revealed the name of the group was Retribution. Since absolutely nobody involved in the WWE TV tapings - announcers, wrestlers, interviewers, authority figures, etc. - knows anything about Retribution, should we therefore conclude that Retribution are in fact WWE's social media team as they are the only ones who DO have the scoop on them? 

In a logical world, you make perfect sense.  As we have seen over the years, Vince McMahon’s WWE is not a logical world, not by a long shot.

I have been reading up on the Montreal Screwjob, and one thing that a number of journalists at the time reported was that the ‘sound guy’ and ‘production crew’ had to know due to Shawn’s music playing (when apparently Bret’s was meant to close the show) almost instantly and the production crew going off air 7 minutes before the initial finish. So my question to you is, do you think people in the company like the ones mentioned were clued in on what was going to happen?

They literally have everyone’s music at the ready to be played and all it takes is for Kevin Dunn to say, “Play his his music”.  I can’t say if they knew in advance or not but this is hardly a smoking gun to me.

Did Bret Hart receive any negative reaction from WWE internally for appearing at Double or Nothing? With Madusa appearing at AEW, how do you think this will affect her status at future WWE events?

If either of them did, I don’t think they care.  Here’s the bottom line, if WWE wants their loyalty, they should pay them for it.  If they don’t pay them then they can’t complain if they get a payday somewhere else.  I doubt either of them cares what WWE thinks about them appearing for AEW.

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