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By Mike Johnson on 2020-08-22 10:00:00

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I saw Disney+ is going to sell their new Mulan movie as a premium purchase on their streaming service.  Do you think that could be the future of WWE PPVs?

If they are ever licensed to another streaming service, yes.  I could see Peacock or Disney+ or Amazon doing just that.

Watching Hart feud edition of Timeline, and just saw coin flip to determine match order at Mania X, and wondered if they used a double headed coin, or did they actually leave it to chance? I remember Luger would have wrestled Crush if Bret won toss, but Crush had angle with Savage. I cant believe the WrestleMania card was truly left up to a coin flip. 

The coin flip and the result were part of the storyline.  I can't say whether they used a two-headed coin, but I can say this, no matter what the coin landed on, Bret Hart was going to wrestle Owen Hart.

I know tonight's AEW is obviously taped, but since they were preempted, how many episodes did they tape in advance?

Tonight's broadcast is taped.  Next week, they have another set of tapings.

On Ebay I came across a WWF tape listed as a theme song collection for the WWF Fan Club?  Any idea what this was?

WWF used to release regular audio cassettes as part of their fan club membership package when such a thing existed in the late 1980s/early 1990s.  I seem to recall them being sold at WWF house shows from time to time as well.  In asking around, I was told they were short 30 second snippets of different songs, not complete versions of the songs.

I saw you reported Todd Pettingill stopped his radio show due to COVID-19.  Was he sick?  He back on the air?

Todd Pettingill was never announced as being sick.  It was announced his subscription site was paused and shows were stopped due to someone working on the show being exposed to COVID, so they stopped as a safety measure.  To date, they have not resumed, but I hope they do as I was a fan of the show.

How do you watch non-WWE PPVs?  I have cut the coard and need a suggestion of where to spend my money for AEW, Impact, etc.

I stream everything via FITE.TV from my phone to my Amazon Fire Stick, so I would suggest them.  I never, ever have any issues going that route.  For AEW, I do purchase their PPVs via Bleacher Report as they are not available in the United States via FITE.

Settle a bet.  Where is Gary Michael Cappetta from?  I saw Minnesota.  My friend says New York.

You are both wrong.  Gary is from and still resides in New Jersey.

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