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By Michael Liedtke on 2020-08-16 00:00:00

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I attended the second night of The Mahoning Drive-In's first annual Reel Rumble, a pro wrestling themed weekend in Lehighton, PA on Saturday 8/16.

Upon entry, everyone was given a free bottle of LVAC hand sanitizer and the promotion also had free facemasks and pins at their concession stand.

They had all sorts of wrestling-centric artwork at the concession stands:


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Prior to the films, the Lehigh Valley Athletic Council promotion presented a live event in front of the drive-in's screen with the following results:

*Rex Lawless & Dominic Garrini vs. Faye Jackson & competitive eater Megabite Ronnie, who making his wrestling debut. Ronnie's team wins.

*A Very Good Professional Wrestler with manager Sidney Bakavela defeated Cheeseburger from Ring of Honor.  Easily the match of the night. Very good is in fact very good and came to the ring to The Foo Fighters “Best of You” made to skip and keep repeating once it gets to Singing “The Best”. His manager is really funny.

*Trios match: Puf & Still Life & Willow vs. Dan Champion & The Proletariat Boar of Moldova & Veda Scott.  Veda turned on her team for being heels and costs them the match. Veda was the best worker to me. 

They had funny some announcers for the matches broadcasting over the drive-in's sound system.  They sanitized the mat and the ropes in between the matches.

After the matches, there was a legitimate wedding ceremony!


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Before Suburban Commando, they played the following film trailers:

-Grunt! The Wrestling Movie.

-Blood Circus.

-I Like To Hurt People.

They then played, as advertised, Hulk Hogan's film Suburban Commando.

After the film, they played:

-A promo from LVAC wrestler Puf on COVID-19.

-A match from LVAC’s Let’s Hang Out! event featuring Hallowicked ,Merlock, Ally Kat, Chuck Taylor vs. Faye Jackson, The Butcher and The Blade And Orange Cassidy.

-A Blade Runners workout video.

-El Santo movie trailer.

Then, the big surprise movie was No Holds Barred starring Hulk Hogan and Zeus, played digitally, as opposed to 35 MM as is usually the case with films here. 

After the movie, they screened the following:

Hogan and Beefcake SummerSlam promo about facing Macho Man and Zeus.

SummerSlam 1989: Hogan and Beefcake w/ Miss Elizabeth vs Macho Man and Zeus w/ Sensational Sherri

Mahoning Drive Inn is a lot of fun, and provides a special, themed experience and is  a must for movie and pop culture lovers!

More photos to come!

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